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gravity forms

  1. Apanha

    Bulk Actions Pro for Gravity Forms 1.2.27

    Bulk Actions Pro for Gravity Forms Re-order, duplicate and delete fields, copy them to another form, bulk edit their labels, css classes and required settings quicker than ever before Bulk Actions Pro for Gravity Forms Features: Bulk field selection Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms WordPress...
  2. Apanha

    AMPforWP - Gravity Forms Support in AMP 2.9.21

    Gravity Forms Support in AMP Allow your visitors to help you get in touch directly from AMP You can now enable Gravity Forms plugin support in AMP with just one click! This will work with the form builder and all kinds of fields with proper form validation. A part from the programming...
  3. Apanha

    Gravity Forms PayPal Commerce Platform Add-On 1.4.2

    Gravity Forms PayPal Commerce Platform Add-On Integrates Gravity Forms with PayPal. With the PayPal Commerce Platform Add-On for Gravity Forms, you can simplify accepting payments on your WordPress website, collecting payments in over 100 currencies across 200 different markets worldwide...
  4. Apanha

    Gravity Forms Constant Contact Add-On 1.5

    Obtain more subscribers faster with the official Gravity Forms Constant Contact Add-On! With Gravity Forms working in sync with Constant Contact, your WordPress forms will be able to better connect with customers and create big-time results. Email marketing just got better! You can now directly...
  5. Apanha

    Gravity Forms Styles Pro Add-on 2.6.3

    Marry your Gravity Forms functionality with visuals to match. Features Simple to use. Seamless integration with Gravity Forms and your theme. This is a native Gravity Forms add-on and not a plugin that forces itself on top of Gravity Forms from the outside. Easily create form layouts with...
  6. Apanha

    GravityView - Gravity Forms Import Entries 2.1.8

    Import entries from a CSV to Gravity Forms. GravityView not required. Bulk import your CSV spreadsheet into Gravity Forms in minutes. Our Import Entries plugin makes it simple to bulk import hundreds or thousands of entries in minutes. There are no limits on the number of rows you can import...
  7. Apanha

    Gravity Forms Chained Selects Add-On 1.5

    Seamless Integration Easily add a Chained Select cascading field to your form with the new Chained Select field. Manage Choices Via CSV Upload a CSV file to import the choices available in the cascading drop-down. Conditional Logic Configure Conditional Logic to show and hide fields based on...
  8. Apanha

    Gravity Forms 2Checkout Add-On 1.1

    Seamless Integration Seamlessly integrate your WordPress forms with 2Checkout to receive payments worldwide from over 200 countries. Accept Payments From Over 200 Countries 2Checkout supports more countries than any other payment gateway. If you're selling products to a wide variety of customers...
  9. Apanha

    Gravity Forms Webhooks Addon 1.3

    Need to send your form data from your WordPress site to an external API? The Webhooks add-on for Gravity Forms allows you to do exactly that. Easily pass information such as form submissions, payment data, and more to the 3rd-party service of your choice. Seamless Integration Easily add...
  10. Apanha

    BETA Gravity Forms 2.4-beta-1

    - Added security enhancements. - Added Personal Data form settings to define a data retention policy. Entries can be deleted or trash automatically after a specified number of days. - Added integration with the WordPress Personal Data Export and Erase tools, including granular control...
  11. Apanha

    ForGravity - Entry Automation FTP Extension 1.0

    Upload your Entry Automation export file to your (S)FTP server. Exported entries can be automatically uploaded to your (S)FTP server. Using the FTP Extension for Entry Automation, your entries can be sent to your FTP or SFTP server after the export file has been generated.
  12. Apanha

    ForGravity - Entry Automation Amazon S3 Extension 1.0.1

    Exported entries can be automatically uploaded to your Amazon S3 buckets. Using the Amazon S3 Extension for Entry Automation, your entries can be sent to your Amazon S3 buckets after the export file has been generated.
  13. Apanha

    ForGravity - Entry Automation Dropbox 1.0.1

    Export Entry Notes Include notes posted to entries in your JSON and PDF export files. Export to JSON JSON exports make it easy to integrate third-party solutions with your forms data. Greatly expands on Gravity Forms’ capabilities. Export to PDF Generate beautiful PDF reports to email and...
  14. Apanha

    ForGravity - Entry Automation 1.4.7

    Automate your most common Gravity Forms entry maintenance tasks in a snap. ... This option is not available with Gravity Forms default export process. ... Entry Automation allows for multiple tasks per form, providing unlimited possibilities. Export Entry Notes Include notes posted to entries...
  15. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Easy Passthrough 1.5

    Easy Passthrough. Transfer data between Gravity Forms forms with ease. This time-saving, secure plugin is a must-have for anyone working with multiple forms. User Passthrough Automatically passthrough a user's last submitted entry, allowing for passthrough across sessions. Simple Configuration...
  16. Apanha

    ForGravity - Live Population 1.4.5

    Real Time Field Updates Generate new field placeholders, descriptions, choices, and more in real-time using field entries from the user. No reload required. Dozens of Field Types Supported Live Population supports dozens of Gravity Forms field types, including their label, values, description...
  17. Apanha

    Gravity Forms Gutenberg Add-On 1.0-beta-5

    Preview Your Form As you change settings to your Gravity Forms block, its contents will be updated to display a preview of the selected form. The selected form, display form title and display form description settings will trigger a preview update. The form preview can be disabled in the...
  18. M

    GravityView - Advanced Filter Extension ALTERNATIVE

    GravityView - Advanced Filter Extension Tags: gravityview Requires at least: 3.3 Tested up to: 4.1 Stable tag: trunk Contributors: katzwebservices License: GPL 3 or higher Filter which entries are shown in a View based on their values. This's -ALTERNATIVE I was searching for original files...
  19. A

    Gravity Forms Auto Formatter

    Automatic capitalization/case formatting, blacklist/block text, read only and disabled fields, turn off autocomplete, require matching or non-matching inputs, link removal, custom text replacement, HTML tag and PHP code removal, and before/after text appending ..all per individual field! Let...
  20. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Better User Activation 1.2

    GP Better User Activation allows you to take complete control of your User Registration Activation page. Choose any page on your site, modify it as desired, and users will be automatically directed to this page when activating their accounts. Features Redirect on Activation Choose a custom...
  21. Apanha

    Gravity Forms - WPDB / MySQL Connect 3.6.7

    Connect your Gravity Forms directly to your WPDB-Database-Table. This is a plugin for professionals and developers. FEATURES New in 3.0! Uses the Gravity-Forms Feed-AddOn-Framework New in 3.0! Save your Gravity-Forms Entry from one Form to one or more WPDB Tables Simple WPDB Table and Field...
  22. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Media Library 1.2.16

    What does it do? GP Media Library enhances Gravity Forms with the ability to automatically import uploaded files (images, documents, etc.) to the WordPress Media Library when the form is submitted. Features Automatically Upload Files to Media Library A simple, one-click option on your Gravity...
  23. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Read Only 1.6

    What does it do? The Read Only perk allows you to configure applicable form fields to be set to a read only state. Fields set to read only will be visible but not editable. In other words, the user can “read” the field value but can not change the field value. This is useful in situations where...
  24. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Comment Blacklist 1.2.9

    What does it do? The Comment Blacklist perk allows you to validate a field’s value against the WordPress Comment Blacklist validation. This option can be set for a single field, multiple fields OR all fields within a form. If the field fails validation it will display an error to the end user...
  25. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Auto Login 2.1

    What does it do? The Auto Login perk allows you to automatically log the user in after they have registered (via a Gravity Form) to your site. Additionally, this perk maintains the existing form confirmation allowing you to display a text confirmation, redirect to a WordPress page, or redirect...
  26. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Copy Cat 1.4.25

    What does it do? The Copy Cat perk allows you to configure a checkbox which, when clicked, will copy the values from one field to another. This is particularly useful for situations like specifying a billing and shipping address. There is a good chance the user would desire to enter the same...
  27. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Expand Textareas 1.0.4

    What does it do? The Expand Editor Textareas perk makes working with textareas in the Gravity Forms Form Editor much easier by launching an expanded textarea in a modal window. The expanded textarea is much larger, increasing the readability and ease-of-use when working with larger amounts of...
  28. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - PayPal One-time Fee 2.0.beta1.1

    What does it do? The One-time Fee perk allows you to add a one-time fee to the first payment of a PayPal Standard subscription. For example, let’s say you’re signing users up for a web hosting package but need to charge them a setup fee on the initial payment. That is now possible with the...
  29. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Limit Choices 1.6.33

    What does it do? GP Limit Choices is a Gravity Forms plugin that allows you to limit how many times each “choice” on a multi-choice field may be selected (e.g. Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Drop Downs, etc). It works with Product and Option fields with these input types as well. How does it work...
  30. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Placeholder 1.3.7

    This perk adds a new field setting for fields that support the placeholder property. More on that below. After you’ve specified the placeholder for a field, the Placeholder perk handles updating the field’s input HTML to include the placeholder attribute. For browsers that support placeholders...
  31. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Pay Per Word 1.1.6

    What does it do? The Pay Per Word perk allows you to create product fields which calculate a total based on the number of words in a Paragraph or Post Body field. How does it work? As the user types, the Pay Per Word functionality counts how many words have been entered into the specified...
  32. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Email Users 1.3.9

    What does it do? The Email Users perk allows you to send an email to users that have filled out a form that contains an email field. How does it work? It pulls all email addresses from a form’s lead data then displays default email fields for you to fill out. It makes use of the native...
  33. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Word Count 1.4.6

    What does it do? The Word Count perk allows you to limit the amount of words a user can submit inside Single Line, Paragraph and Post Body text fields. This works for both a minimum amount of words and/or a maximum amount of words. How does it work? When a form is submitted with a field that...
  34. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Conditional Logic Dates 1.0.15

    What does it do? The GP Conditional Logic Dates perk allows you show/hide fields based on the selected date in a Date field. Only Datepicker Date fields are currently supported. How does it work? This perk allows Date fields to be selected when creating conditional logic rules for your fields...
  35. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Terms Of Service 1.3.14

    What does it do? The Terms of Service Field perk allows you to add a new “Terms of Service” field to your Gravity Forms form. How does it work? You can add the Terms of Service field to any of your forms just like any other field. There are a few extra options available for this field including...
  36. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Limit Checkboxes 1.2.14

    What does it do? The Limit Checkboxes perk allows you to limit how many checkboxes of a checkbox field may be selected at any given time. This perk supports specifying a minimum and maximum limit per checkbox field and also allows you to span one field’s limits across multiple fields! How does...
  37. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Reload Form 2.0.2

    What does it do? The Reload Form perk allows you to include a special link in your AJAX-enabled form’s confirmation message which, when clicked, will reload the form to allow additional submissions without a page refresh. It also provides the ability to automatically reload the form after a...
  38. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Conditional Pricing 1.2.41

    What does it do? The GP Conditional Pricing perk allows you create flexible and powerful pricing levels for your Gravity Form Product fields. Save yourself the hassle and frustration of creating twenty different Product fields with different prices when what you really want is a single Product...
  39. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Price Range 1.1

    What does it do? The GP Price Range perk allows you to specify a minimum and maximum price range for User Defined Price product fields. How does it work? This perk provides a simple interface on the User Defined Price product field settings that allow you to specify a minimum and maximum price...
  40. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Preview Submission 1.3.3

    What does it do? The Preview Submission perk allows you add a simple submission preview to your forms. The submission preview provides users an opportunity to confirm the information they’ve entered is correct and confirming their submission. How does it work? The Simple Version This perk adds...
  41. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Disable Entry Creation 1.0.9

    What does it do? Gravity Forms must create an entry in order to function properly. Rather than truly disabling entry creation, the Disable Entry Creation perk will automatically delete the entry and any associated files after the submission process has been completed. Additionally, if the form...
  42. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Unique ID 1.3.19

    What does it do? The Unique ID perk provides a new “Unique ID” field type which generates a unique ID for the entry when submitted. It supports several types of unique IDs including alphanumeric, numeric, and sequential. Common Uses Provide a set-length confirmation or reference number for...
  43. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Gravity Forms Multi-page Form Navigation 1.0.8

    What does it do? Multi-page Form Navigation allows users to navigate more easily between the pages of your multi-page Gravity Forms. Sure, Gravity Forms provides a “Next” and “Previous” button out of the box, and for simpler forms, those navigational buttons are enough. But when you’re dealing...
  44. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Limit Dates 1.0.23

    What does it do? GP Limit Dates allows you to limit the selectable dates in your Gravity Forms Datepicker fields. This plugin gives you granular control to manage the selectable date range with an easy-to-use user interface. Features Minimum & Maximum Date Range Set a minimum and maximum date...
  45. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Live Preview 1.4.3

    Preview your Gravity Forms on the frontend of your site. What does it do? GP Live Preview provides an easy method for previewing your forms as they will appear on the live site. No longer do you need to create a new post, configure the Gravity Forms shortcode, and publish the page to see how...
  46. Apanha

    Gravity Perks - Post Content Merge Tags 1.1.12

    Use Gravity Forms merge tags directly in your WordPress post content. Now you can use a single confirmation page for multiple forms, better style and layout your confirmation pages, and generate persistent confirmation pages. What does it do? GP Post Content Merge Tags provides the ability to...
  47. Apanha

    Gravity Perks (Gravity Wiz) 2.1.11

    A WordPress plugin that allows you to effortlessly install and manage easy-to-use enhancements (aka "perks") for Gravity Forms. Unlimited Access to Perks Buying Gravity Perks grants you access to all perks. That's 24 perks and counting! See the full list below! New Perks Regularly New...
  48. Apanha

    GravityView 2.9.1

    The best way to display Gravity Forms entries on your website GravityView is the best way to display Gravity Forms entries on your website. With GravityView you can easily display entries visitors (or users) of your website made using GravityForms on the front-end. It’s an amazing piece of...
  49. Apanha

    Gravity Flow 2.6

    A short description of workflow is: all activities necessary to complete a task. When you use Gravity Forms and GravityView, you are already thinking in workflows. What do I want to achieve and how can I use forms and views (and editing entries) to do that. The relatively new plugin Gravity Flow...
  50. Apanha

    Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Addon 1.12.0

    The Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Add-On allows you to quickly integrate Gravity Forms with Zoho's CRM. Zoho gives you a 360-degree view of your sales cycle and pipeline. Seamless Integration Quickly and easily integrate with Zoho CRM when a form is submitted. Create Contacts Create a contact in Zoho...

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