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  1. Apanha

    MailChimp for WooCommerce Memberships 1.3.1

    Completely automate syncing member lists with MailChimp. MailChimp for WooCommerce Memberships helps you communicate more effectively with the members on your site. Previously, to get member data set up in MailChimp, you had to perform CSV exports for members, upload these exports to MailChimp...
  2. Apanha

    WooCommerce Sage Payments USA 2.1.8

    Take payment via Sage Payments USA Sage Payment Solutions provides complete debit and credit card processing for all business types. Sage Payment Solutions offers a full range of payment solutions for nonprofit organizations to businesses of any size. Whether you accept payments or donations in...
  3. Apanha

    Woocommerce Royal Mail 2.5.31

    Easily offer Royal Mail shipping rates The WooCommerce Royal Mail shipping plugin lets you offer Royal Mail shipping rates to customers without the need for an API, as Royal Mail do not provide a public API. To use this plugin, your store must use GBP currency and have the United Kingdom as the...
  4. Apanha

    Woocommerce Per Product Shipping 2.3.12

    Define shipping costs per-product and per-variation Per product shipping allows you to define different shipping costs for products, based on customer location. Costs can be added to other shipping methods, or used as a standalone shipping method. Features: Define line and per-item costs per...
  5. Apanha

    Woocommerce Flat Rate Box Shipping 2.0.15

    Advanced Shipping Rates using Box Packing Flat rate box shipping lets you define costs for boxes to different destinations. Items are packed into boxes based on item size and volume, and then that box uses the fixed costs you define per destination. Add multiple box sizes per shipping zone...
  6. Apanha

    WooCommerce Sofort Payment Gateway 1.4.4

    Online bank transfer via SOFORT Überweisung Sofort.com is one of the most famous online banking payment providers in Europe. Customers can transfer cash using their online banking account via sofortueberweisung.de or sofort.com, a well-known payment provider in Europe. SOFORT is available for...
  7. Apanha

    WooCommerce Payment Express 2.8

    PxPay allows your customers to pay securely via the Payment Express Our plugin will give you peace of mind in terms of online security and payment options because it connects your WooCommerce store to DPS’ Payment Express Gateway. If you don’t want to worry about SSL certificates, credit card...
  8. Apanha

    WooCommerce PagSeguro 1.3.5

    Take payments on your WooCommerce store via PagSeguro PagSeguro is a Brazilian gateway, but accepts foreign transactions. With this gateway your WooCommerce store can offer PagSeguro as a payment method. To ensure consumer safety all financial transactions are conducted within the secure...
  9. Apanha

    WooCommerce First Data UK Gateway 1.1.4

    The First Data UK for WooCommerce allows your store to take payments offsite via First Data Merchant Solutions, making it simple, fast and secure. Easy integration between First Data Connect and WooCommerce Free to set up an account Authorisation and settlement – real-time authorisation with...
  10. Apanha

    WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms 1.6.6

    WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms allows your users to add multiple variations of a product to their cart from single form. Easily configure products which have two variation attributes for bulk input. The bulk form will simplify the ordering process for wholesales, business to business sites...
  11. Apanha

    WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) 4.5.32

    nulledfire.com - WooCommerce Point of Sale is an extension which allows you to place orders through a Point of Sale interface swiftly using the WooCommerce products and orders database. This extension is most suitable for retailers who have both an online and offline store.
  12. Apanha

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts 2.3.9

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts is an all-purpose pricing and promotion tool for online retailers. Its power lies in its flexibility – loads of pricing methods and conditions can be combined to fit virtually any pricing strategy. This actively maintained extension can easily replace...
  13. Apanha

    YITH Amazon S3 Storage for WooCommerce Premium 1.1.13

    Copy all the new files of the media gallery of your site on S3 Amazon Delete files automatically from WordPress when copying them on S3 Amazon Automatic replacement of media links: resource is uploaded from server S3 Amazon rather than from your site Enable downloads from S3 Amazon for resources...
  14. Apanha

    YITH WooCommerce Active Campaign for WooCommerce Premium 2.0.1

    Register your users to one or more of your Active Campaign lists Add users to the list automatically or by asking for their consent, through the use of the related checkbox Possibility to add users to the list: after completing the checkout process after completing the order when user registers...
  15. Apanha

    WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method 4.4.48

    Get real-time rates from the largest shipping network in the US Show your customers accurate shipping rates automatically with our integration for USPS, the largest delivery network in United States. Your store must use US Dollars for its currency and the United States, US Virgin Islands or...
  16. Apanha

    WooCommerce Products Of The Day 1.2.0

    Promote your products every day by showing them to your customers in a handy widget! Add a widget that shows the products of your choice as the products of the day. Create your own sales strategy by setting up different products of the day for different days! Features Intuitive panel that...
  17. Apanha

    YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce Premium 1.0.27

    YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce a WooCommerce plugin which easily completes shipping management and offers the chance to set different shipping rates PLUGIN FEATURES Create general shipping rules or rules per single product (either simple or variable) Associate a shipping cost with...
  18. Apanha

    Woocommerce Box Office 1.1.29

    Sell tickets for your next event, concert, function, fundraiser or conference directly on your own site with Box Office Box Office for WooCommerce allows you to create and sell tickets directly to customers — no need for them to visit or use a third-party site or service anymore! Get ticket...
  19. Apanha

    WooCommerce MailChimp Integration 1.0.4

    Bring your customers and their data into MailChimp and send targeted e-mails to onboard, educate and upsell Subscribe customers during checkout Show an email subscription checkbox on your checkout screen. Save time and ensure your list is always up-to-date by giving customers the option to...
  20. Apanha

    YITH Advanced Refund System for WooCommerce Premium 1.2.0

    YITH Advanced Refund System for WooCommerce Premiu, a plugin that makes refund requests accessible and easily manageable both from the user’s and the customer’s. Enable refund request for whole order or single products Enable refunds for taxes Add refunded products to the stock Allow refund...
  21. Apanha

    WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Method 3.4.33

    FedEx Express invented express distribution and is the industry’s global leader, providing rapid, reliable, time-definite delivery to more than 220 countries and territories. This extension requires that your store uses US or Canadian Dollars for it’s currency, US or Canada as the base country...
  22. Apanha

    WooCommerce Klarna Payment Gateway 2.5.6

    Offer all popular payment methods in a single Klarna integration No passwords, no login, no hassle. Increase conversions in checkout and offer every popular payment method in one integration. With Klarna for WooCommerce, you get access to three payment methods — Checkout, Invoice and Part...
  23. Apanha

    WooCommerce Store Credit 3.2.2

    Create store credit style coupons in your WooCommerce store Generate store credit coupons that enable customers to make multiple purchases until the total value specified is exhausted or the coupons life expires. For example a $50 store credit voucher used at checkout for a $30 purchase will...
  24. Apanha

    WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway 2.2.1

    WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway allows you to connect your woocommerce store with your square account. Accepting payments is easy with Square. Clear rates, fast deposits (1-2 business days). Sell online and in person, and sync all payments, items and inventory. Bring brick-and-mortar and...
  25. Apanha

    WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro 1.16.1

    Sequential Order Numbers Pro Tame your WooCommerce Order Numbers The WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin allows your store to have sequential, rather than random, order numbers. Additionally you can customize your order numbers by setting a starting number, order number length, and...
  26. Apanha

    WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses 3.6.23

    Allow your customers to ship individual items in a single order to multiple addresses. Convenience for your customers should be a paramount priority for any eCommerce retailer. That’s where Multiple Ship-To functionality comes in. Out of the box, with little setup, you can help avoid the...
  27. Apanha

    WooCommerce Stamps.Com API 1.3.16

    With the Stamps.com integration, you can automatically create ready-to-print shipping labels for USPS, based on items in an order. Stamps.com seamlessly accesses the latest USPS rates when creating your labels, giving you unprecedented reliability, ease, and speed. This extension does not...
  28. Apanha

    WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor 1.5.37

    The checkout field editor provides you with an interface to add, edit and remove fields shown on your WooCommerce checkout page. The checkout field editor provides you with an interface to add, edit and remove fields shown on your WooCommerce checkout page. Fields can be added and removed from...
  29. Apanha

    WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method 3.2.29

    Get shipping rates from the UPS API which handles both domestic and international parcels. Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling commerce around the globe. This extension...
  30. Apanha

    YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce 1.1.14

    YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce plugin create the correct file including the products you have selected allowing you to show them on Google search engine in no time. After registering the account on Google Merchant, all you have to do is activate our “YITH Google Product Feed for...
  31. Apanha

    WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping 3.0.29

    Advanced Shipping Options The table rate shipping module extends WooCommerce’ default shipping options giving you highly customizable shipping options. Define multiple shipping rates based on location, price, weight, or item count. Wildcards may be used to match multiple regions too. Add...
  32. Apanha

    WooCommerce Chase Paymentech 1.15.1

    Secure Payment Processing via Hosted Pay Page The Chase Paymentech Payment Gateway extension is an advanced payment integration for WooCommerce that provides powerful options for accepting payments via Chase. Let your customers securely save their credit card information to their WooCommerce...
  33. Apanha

    WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download 1.10.27

    WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download will allow shop owners to attach their own already made PDF catalog of their products for customers to download. In addition, customers can download page specific PDFs or even a single product in detail. This feature is useful for customers that need to do...
  34. Apanha

    WooCommerce Shipwire 2.6.0

    Simplify Shipping and Inventory Management with Shipwire This extension is a full-featured integration for Shipwire, including real-time shipping rates, automatic order fulfillment processing, and live inventory / tracking updates. Easily display real-time shipping quotes from Shipwire to your...
  35. Apanha

    Restrict Content Pro - WooCommerce Member Discounts Add-on 1.0.4

    WooCommerce Member Discounts for Restrict Content Pro lets you give automatic discounts to your members on eligible purchases in your WooCommerce store. This is a great way to offer member rewards on your site, which can increase your member retention and revenue. To set up automatic discounts...
  36. Apanha

    WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing lists 3.9.1

    The WooCommerce Print Invoice & Packing list extension is the ultimate tool to handle invoices, packing lists, and pick lists in your WooCommerce store. This plugin allows you to easily print documents for orders straight from the Orders page (individually and in bulk), while editing orders, and...
  37. Apanha

    WooCommerce MSRP Pricing 3.0.1

    Display MSRP prices to your customers The WooCommerce MSRP plugin allows you to record Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices / Recommended Retail Prices against your products, and have them displayed on the sales pages. This allows your customers to see why it’s a good idea to buy from you. On...
  38. Apanha

    WooCommerce Storefront Product Hero 1.2.13

    Add an immersive product hero section to your web pages The Product Hero extension allows you to elegantly highlight any product at your site, on any page. With a clever combination of imagery you can easily create a powerful conversion tool for your chosen product. Features Once installed...
  39. Apanha

    WooCommerce Products Compare 1.0.22

    Allow customers to compare products in your store WooCommerce Products Compare allows potential customers to select and compare products to help them make better buying decisions. Big online stores offer this feature, and now you can too! Key Features Add products to compare from product...
  40. Apanha

    WooCommerce Shipping Tracking 26.9

    WCST will let your clients to easily track their orders. You will be able to associate to every order a shipping company and a tracking number. WCST will display tracking info (Company URL and trackin code) directly in “Complete Order” email and “View Order” page. Your clients just clicking on...
  41. Apanha

    Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce CC-V3-3.6

    Actionable Google Analytics is a WooCommerce Plugin which allows you to use some of the most important features of Universal Analytics including Enhanced Ecommerce & User ID Tracking. Additionally, the plugin supports I.P Anonymization, Product Refund, Content Grouping, Form Field Tracking...
  42. Apanha

    WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter 2.2.4

    WOOF – WooCommerce Products Filter Features : Uses native WooCommerce API Shortcodes&Widget Simple and clear options AJAX mode for shop + categories pages Dynamic products recount Statistic for the search requests by taxonomies Search by title and content text Search by SKU WooCommerce products...
  43. Apanha

    WooSwatches - Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches 3.0.15

    Plugin Features Supports color/image/text variation swatches and dropdown select. Woocommerce improved variable product attributes and attribute swatches. Global color or image values for attributes. Inbuilt color/image product filter. Works on mobile devices. Inbuilt direct variation link...
  44. Apanha

    WooTabs,Add Extra Tabs to WooCommerce Product Page 2.1.8

    Simple to use but also powerful when it comes to decreasing bounce rates and increasing sales, the plugin allows you to add extra tabs (as many as you want) to the WooCommerce Product Details page. For example, lets say you are selling a product that could ideally be accompanied with a video...
  45. Apanha

    IconicWP WooThumbs for WooCommerce 4.8.2

    Wow your customers and increase your sales with WooThumbs; the most versatile product imagery plugin for WooCommerce. Don’t let your high-quality product images be ignored in a dull, static image gallery. Get your customers clicking, sliding, zooming, enlarging, pinching, swiping, and craving...
  46. Apanha

    WooCommerce Storefront Powerpack 1.5.0

    With Storefront Powerpack, you can easily add style and customize the appearance of your store – all without ever touching any code. Customize Storefront from top to bottom, all without editing any code Customizing your theme has long been a hassle that no one enjoys undertaking. With...
  47. Apanha

    WorldPay Gateway for WooCommerce 1.7.5

    WorldPay is a payment service provider for all sizes of business. Accept debit and credit card payments online and in multiple currencies. WorldPay Payment Gateway is a Wordpress Plugin which allows the WooCommerce plugin to accept credit card payments without worrying the Customers Credit...
  48. Apanha

    WooCommerce Sensei Content Drip 2.0.2

    Decide how quickly your learners should progress through the course. For each lesson in a course, you can specify when learners will be able to access the lesson content, either as a fixed interval after the date they start the course, or on a specific date. Whatever schedule you decide upon...
  49. Apanha

    WooCommerce Sensei LMS BadgeOS Addon 1.0.4

    Reward achievement with digital badges for virtually every Sensei learning activity The “BadgeOS Sensei Add-on” lets learners earn achievements and badges from virtually every course, lesson and quiz activity available in the Sensei learning management system. You set the rules or steps...
  50. Apanha

    Woocommerce Sensei LMS 2.4.0

    Teaching coursework has never been easier, all within WordPress. With the Sensei plugin you can create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes. Set lesson and course pre-requisites, allow user registration and even charge for your course content if you want. Sensei is the ultimate WordPress...

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