1. Essentials - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

    Essentials - Multipurpose WordPress Theme 3.0.0

    Design and features never seen before with unparalleled attention to detail. Unleash the power of WordPress today with Essentials - Multipurpose WordPress Theme Build stunning and powerful websites without writing a single line of code!Essentials - Multipurpose WordPress Theme Features...
  2. AMPforWP - WPML Integration with AMP

    AMPforWP - WPML Integration with AMP 1.7.18

    WPML is a popular multi-lingual plugin which allows you to setup localization. It creates different versions of the website for every language.WPML for AMP is a compatibility extension which integrates easily with your WPML setup and generates the correct AMP version of it.We’re going to...
  3. WPML WPForms Multilingual

    WPML WPForms Multilingual 0.2.0

    Allows translating WPForms. You will be able to create a form in your language and translate it to different languages. No need to maintain several forms, one per language.
  4. WPML Ninja Forms Multilingual

    WPML Ninja Forms Multilingual 0.2.0

    N/A Description
  5. WPML BuddyPress Multilingual

    WPML BuddyPress Multilingual 1.7.0

    WPML BuddyPress Multilingual Features:Translating BuddyPress pages Translating BuddyPress strings Translating Profile Fields Admin language for Members
  6. WPML Yoast SEO Multilingual

    WPML Yoast SEO Multilingual 2.0.1

    Yoast SEO plugin makes it easy to optimize your site for search engines. Together with WPML, you can use it to tune multilingual WordPress sites. WPML and Yoast SEO teams work together to ensure complete compatibility, letting you optimize your multilingual sites in a simple way.What you will...
  7. WPML Contact Form 7 Multilingual

    WPML Contact Form 7 Multilingual 1.1.0

    Allows translating Contact Form 7 forms. Instead of creating different forms for each language, create forms once in CF7 and translate them with WPML.
  8. Apanha

    BETA Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 0.9-b

    * field group display rules are correctly applied for translated posts now (wpmlbridge-125) * automatically set translation preferences for repeater subfields based on repeater main field (wpmlbridge-23)
  9. Apanha

    BETA WooCommerce Multilingual 4.3.5-b.1 BETA

    Fixed error: Cannot redeclare woocommerce_wp_text_input Fixed error when creating booking from admin without creating order Fixed Woocommerce Dynamic Price issue with Advanced category price in second language Fix situation with filtering WC attributes calling by sku Fix a problem that you...
  10. Apanha

    BETA WPML Media Translation 2.3.6-b.1 BETA

    Fixed an issue with wrong image size in translations. Integrated WPML Media translation with Elementor image module. Fixed a text replacement collision in the image caption. Do not attempt running translation logic of non-post elements (e.g., Gravity Forms). Translate custom fields containing...
  11. Apanha

    BETA WPML Translation Management 2.6.6-b.1 BETA

    Fixed an issue with Advanced Translation Editor when translating a post originally created in the non-default language. Prevent inserting a line break tag with the xliff-newline class inside HTML tags in XLIFF files. Avoided auto include for translation of native WordPress categories and tags...
  12. Apanha

    BETA WPML String Translation 2.8.6-b.1 BETA

    Fixed four instances of wrong text-domain. Fixed an issue when adding an existing string to the database. Added some logic to automatically fix the strings table on string registration. Fixed an issue with the checkbox toggle on the Themes and Plugins Localization page.
  13. Apanha

    BETA WPML Multilingual CMS 4.0.6-b.1 BETA

    FeaturesAdded a new option allowing users to define if raw HTML should be sent for translation. Introduced the wpml_ls_template_paths filter hook. Add an option to allow translation of raw HTML in page builders. Added compatibility with the Elementor WP text widget module. Added hooks for...
  14. Apanha

    BETA WPML Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 0.8-b.1

    Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 0.8-b.1- added support for WPML “display translated” mode - fixed issue with reordering repeater field - fixed enqueue scripts notices - fixed support for WYSIWYG fields in Translation Editor
  15. Apanha

    BETA WPML Media Translation 2.3.3-rc.1

    WPML Media Translation 2.3.3-rc.1FixesFixed a bug in WPML Media not allowing users to set a different featured image between original and translated posts Fixed issue with wrong redirection when clicking on the Media setup admin notice but having only one language active in WPML
  16. Apanha

    BETA WPML Translation Management 2.6.3-rc.1

    WPML Translation Management 2.6.3-rc.1FixesRemoved the usage of clone as a function Resolved a Compatibility issue with select2 from other plugins by enqueuing WPML Translation Management scripts only in Settings page Fixed issue with invalid XLIFF being sent in some exceptions to the...
  17. Apanha

    BETA WPML String Translation 2.8.3-rc.1

    WPML String Translation 2.8.3-rc.1FixesFixed security issue
  18. Apanha

    BETA WPML Multilingual CMS 4.0.3-rc.1

    WPML Multilingual CMS 4.0.3-rc.1FixesRemoved the tooltip for showing the custom field in the original language in the post edit page due to performance issues Fixed issue with the gallery shortcode not showing the original images in the translated post when IDs aren’t defined inside the...
  19. Apanha

    BETA Gravity Forms Multilingual 1.3.17-b.1

    FixesRegister and translate the address’ copy values option.
  20. Apanha

    BETA WooCommerce Multilingual 4.3.0-b.1

    1. Products translation screen 2. Product translation editor 3. Global attributes translation 4. Multiple currencies 5. Status Page 6. Shop URLs translation screen