Product Variation Table for WooCommerce

Been using this great plugin for a customer's site, works without license key.

Quite a good plugin and works well

Easily organize all of your WooCommerce product variations in a table format to help your customers easily sort, filter, select, and buy their desired variation.

Product Variation Table for WooCommerce (PVT) lets you showcase your product variations in a table format. You can provide your customers an organized view of your variation products in a grid and tabular format.

The plugin comes with a variety of table layouts and customization options. It also provides a search feature for variation tables, which makes it easier to find a product.

The shopping experience is made easier with add to cart buttons beside each table item. So it’s time for you to take advantage of this plugin and enhance your user experience.

What you can do with the Product Variation Table & the benefits

  • Let your customers select from a user-friendly view of your product variations.
  • Help customers select better through all the menu variations as per their desire.
  • Display all variations of products in the form of tables and grids on your WooCommerce store.
  • Customers need to pick their variation and select Add to Cart, where they can view all the variations chosen along with the product.
  • Provide a managed look to your page without any confusion to selecting their desired variations. Hence, it’ll save their valuable time.
  • As your customer selects any product variation, the appropriate price will be shown along with all other variation’s prices in the table form.



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