AIT Permissions Manager 1.10

Manage capabilities of your WordPress roles with AIT Permissions Manager

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    Manage capabilities of your WordPress roles. Grant your users administrative privileges more specifically than basic WordPress roles do. Besides primary WordPress functionality you can set permissions to theme, custom post types and even plugins settings respectively.

    Thanks to permission manager, you can assign certain competencies to users easily and with peace of mind that they won’t modify something they’re not supposed to. It’s very handy if your team of bloggers can add their new posts by themselves or if listings in your directory portal are managing their own content like food menus or special offers.

    Start with defining groups of users or “packages” for users with certain defined attributes depending on their role or level of capabilities (e.g. Free package, Premium package, Blogger etc.).

    Then go through the groups of permissions to decide what they can and cannot see and modify in the system.

    • WordPress Capabalities
      Here you can grant access to general WordPress settings or other standard setup in WordPress environment.

    • Theme Capabilities
      Decide if users get access to certain AIT Theme settings like page builder or default layout.

    • Plugin Capabilities
      Each AIT plugin has its own settings and you can let users work with those ones they need.

    • Custom Post Types Capabilities
      Enable or disable access to AIT Custom Post Types according to currently installed AIT theme.

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