AppThemes - Clipper 2.0.2

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Download AppThemes - Clipper 2.0.2 from nulled fire. A powerful coupon theme for WordPress
  • Fixed translation in the MarketPlace Addons module.
  • Fixed process.php template, added loop tags.
  • H1 Tag Missing in Homepage. Minor changes in the site branding section
  • Taxonomy RSS link issue.
  • No image alt tag.
  • Store image proportion.
  • Use require_once statement for loading WordPress files.
  • Fixed top bar menu.
  • PHP warnings in Store Image field.
  • Uploaded store image generating duplicate image
  • Added example child theme.
  • Allow to hide empty Stores in Stores page (via ‘clpr_terms_list_args’ filter).
  • Enable plans settings. Allows removing the Select gateway step in submitting coupons.
  • Updated Framework:
    • Improved Media Manager uploading for user and term meta types.
    • Added template file for the appthemes_output_attachment() function
    • Enable multiple choice on media manager frame
    • Fixed issue of Media Manager on iOS devices.
  • Updated Core module:
    • Delete pending recurring orders when listing get status DELETED or TRASH or permanently deleted
    • Don’t collapse lines in textarea fields on Details view
    • Sort taxonomy dropdown fields by term names
  • Updated Custom Forms module:
    • Don’t convert pluses to spaces in field descriptions and placeholders.
  • Updated Payments module:
    • Make ‘Order Log’ string translatable
    • Make all order log messages translatable
    • Changed some help texts in settings
  • Fixed incompatibility with WordPress 4.7
  • Fixed missing icons on Theme Dashboard.
  • Fixed issue with registration form.
  • Fixed issue with not saving empty fields while editing stores.
  • Fixed errors in “Coupon Sub Category” widget.
  • Fixed issue where contributor could enter shortcodes in the description field.
  • Fixed “Allow users to view their order list” option that was not saving it’s state.
  • Fixed issue with copying coupon code when “Direct Links” option was enabled.
  • Fixed issue with not unrevealing coupon code when “Direct Links” option was enabled.
  • Fixed issue with https and images from mShots service.
  • Replaced library used for coupon code copy functionality – ZeroClipboard with Clipboard.js.
  • Updated Font Awesome library to 4.7.0
  • Removed Google CDN option which often was causing conflicts.
  • Removed script for adding CSS3 support in old IE browsers.
  • Deprecated clpr_update_post_status() function