Download BackupBuddy 9.1.13 from nulled fire. BackupBuddy backs up your entire WordPress site.

Download BackupBuddy 9.1.13 from nulled fire

BackupBuddy backs up your entire WordPress site.
BackupBuddy automatically creates complete backups of your Wordpress websites and can even restore these backups with just one click.

Run Multiple Types of Backups
Not all backups are alike. Run database,files-only or complete backups, or set upcustom profiles.

Download Zip Files
After a backup completes, you can download a zip file of your entire WordPress site.

Set It & Forget It
Run automatic WordPress backups hourly, twice daily, daily, every other day, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly and more.

Store Files Safely Off-site
Automatically send your WordPress backup files to several remote storage locations including BackupBuddy Stash, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox & more.

Email Notifications
Know immediately when BackupBuddy finishes or needs attention so you can always be sure you have a current and useful backup of your website.

Restore or Move with ImportBuddy
BackupBuddy uses a special tool calledImportBuddy to restore (or move) your WordPress site. ImportBuddy will guide you through the entire process, step by step.

  • BackupBuddy is a complete backup solution for WordPress websites
  • Offers automatic backups on a customizable schedule
  • Can backup your entire WordPress installation including files and databases
  • Ability to restore or move your WordPress site to a new host or domain easily
  • Includes 1GB of free Stash Live storage for offsite backups
  • Allows for remote storage options such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, and more
  • Provides malware scanning and cleanup for added security
  • Easy to use with a simple setup and one-click restore process


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The only true way to backup.
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On some of our servers just hang up in backup for no reason. When I check the log, there's an endless loop but no useful information provided (why the loop started). Duplicator Pro or Updraftplus works well on these accounts.