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BackupBuddy backs up your entire WordPress site.

Updated at NF:Dec 22, 2018      
4.625/5, 8 ratings


    Enhancement: Added new Sync Verb addProfile allows for backup profile to be added via API.

    -Bug Fix: Increased timeouts for Stash to fix some reported issues of requests timing out.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed issue that could cause failure to sign into Stash Live.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed source of the following warning: "Undefined index: finish_time in backupbuddy/classes/housekeeping.php on line 392".

    Enhancement: Added improvements to the Stash remote destination as preparation for merging both v2 and v3 into a unified single Stash version.

    Bug Fix: Exclude BackupBuddy from Recent Edits Plugin tracking to prevent errors.

    -Enhancement: Added Advanced Mode to Recent Edits tracking, with a toggle setting under Settings > Advanced > Logging.
    -Enhancement: Added new advanced dashboard widget with more detail when logging in Advanced mode.
    -Bug Fix: Removed option variable comparison which sometimes causing recursive looping.
    -Bug Fix: Recent Edits button jump issue in Chrome fixed.
    -Bug Fix: Resolved issues where PHP Countable notice thrown on variables that were not countable.
    -Bug Fix: Reduced...

    -Enhancement: Added new BackupBuddy API Verb for Editing Schedules.
    -Enhancement: Removed storage/tracking of option value and post content to reduce memory usage.
    -Bug Fix: Added several third-party plugin exceptions to automatically ignore when tracking recent edits.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where modal window isn't always centered.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed a PHP Error/Notice occuring during Importbuddy.

    -Enhancement: Added more detail about recent edits in WordPress Dashboard widget as well as track more events more accurately, such as changes to posts and plugin activations/deletions
    -Enhancement: Added ability to change Dropbox remote destination directory.
    -Enhancement: Filtered files in all remote destinations to only show backups.
    -Enhancement: Made remote destination file list tables more consistent.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed issue for Dropbox when using root directory.
    -Bug Fix:...

    Bug Fix: Resolved issues with invalid schedules.
    Bug Fix: Added schedule cleanup to Housekeeping to resolve some issues with bad schedules.

    -Enhancement: New Backup setting to include only active plugins in backup.
    -Bug Fix: Resolved issue with database rollback.
    -Bug Fix: Tweaked regular expression related to database prefix to remove warning when multiple underscores in prefix.
    -Bug Fix: Additional logging for potential scheduling issues.

    -Bug Fix: Suppress errors related to open_basedir in ImportBuddy.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed duplicate element ID errors in browser console.
    -Bug Fix: Typo in loopback error corrected.
    -Bug Fix: Sometimes database shows skipped when wasn't skipped. Fixed confusion.
    -Bug Fix: Restoring from Stash Live sometimes opened a new tab/window.
    -Bug Fix: PHP notice when restoring from Stash Live