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Last Update:Feb 20, 2017 at 10:35 PM      
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    Apanha - 2017-02-20
    Now automatically cleaning up orphaned transiensts upon upgrade one time (new data structure version 15) to address problems with orphaned transients due to old transient cleanup bug.

    sftp destination: Added additional logging of directory we are trying to change into. Stash Live: If files are remaining we are waiting on, added logging to display first 5 files. Stash Live: Re-organized ordering in Troubleshooting Log to place higher priority items higher for visibility/readability. Added Cleanup Procedure Status Log when manually running cleanup from Settings -> Other tab. FEATURE: Added expired transients cleanup to housekeeping including expired or corrupt. Added...

    Stash Live:
    Increased robustness of catalog.
    Catalog is now backed up more regularly locally during file send step, at least once each 90 seconds, at the beginning of step.
    Upon detection of a corrupt or truncated catalog file (eg. due to PHP process being killed) if the backup catalog is larger it is reverted to as to prevent 'falling back' to a much earlier catalog state requiring many file re-transfers.
    Fixed housekeeping not cleaning up recently made bbold and...

    -Clarified Amazon S3 (v3) acceleration charges being from Amazon.
    -S3 (v3) destination: Added several new Amazon S3 regions/endpoints.

    Housekeeping now cleans up old fileoptions lock files. Helps address problems loading backup page when large numbers of old locks exist.
    Fixed .maintenance file contents not matching expected importbuddy.php generated version resulting in file hanging around. - Glenn Ansley
    Removed S3 (v2 & v3) acceleration endpoints as they are invalid.
    Added S3 (v3) acceleration option.
    Misc minor fixes.
    S3 (v3) settings tooltrip wording improvements.
    Major release of Quick Release versions...

    -Added additional logging when clearing Live transient due to expired token.
    -Added transient clearing for expired token for S32 destination.

    -Fixed undefined custom_root during DAT file rendering.
    -Added additional escaping into bruteforce_table() for WHERE portion of statement to avoid SQL syntax error if criteria includes quote.

    -Disabled WP transient cleanup -- possible issue effecting Stash transient storage.
    -Deployment: No longer migrating wp-config.php during Deployment as this file is not transferred in the process and should be skipped migrating.

    Apanha - 2016-12-29 - Dustin Bolton
    Fix return by reference error when returning false. - Glenn Ansley
    Fixed cleanup of deployment tables. - Glenn Ansley
    Stash Live & Stash v3 now auto-bust cache on next file if token is reported expired. - Dustin Bolton
  10. BackupBuddy

    Apanha - 2016-12-09
    Re-added automatic cleaning of expired transients.
    Clean up orphansed deployment temp tables.
    Don't 503 during BackupBuddy-related AJAX calls.
    Add importbuddy support for SSL mysql connections.
    sFTP test fixed if no path specified.