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BackupBuddy backs up your entire WordPress site.

Last Update:Aug 11, 2017 at 2:03 AM      
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    Stash Live: Added errors and warnings if adjusted max execution time falls below certain thresholds.
    Stash Live: If adjusted max execution time falls below 5 seconds, including wiggle room buffer, adjust back up to 5 seconds to give things a chance. Throws error.
    Stash Live: 5002 error now logs last send filename that failed and how long ago that was.
    Transient housekeeping cleanup currently capped at 1000 per run as a temporary workaround for high memory usage on sites with massive numbers...

    Fixed Deployment typo.
    Deployment: Added new Error #8001b if 413 request entity too large error is returned during deployment: Request Entity Too Large. The destination server says we sent too much data. Either change the Deployment Advanced Setting "Max Chunk Size" to a lower value or change the server configuration to accept a larger value. See the following webpage for the server solution for Apache, nginx, or IIS:...

    Deployment: Fixed issue where importbuddy step 5 (migrating URLs/paths) step chunking would result in premature 'finished' signal for Deployment resulting in it stopping before database migration and cleanup would run. Symptoms would be incomplete database contents migration and .maintenance file lingering.

    Fixed multiple "A non-numeric value encountered " errors due to PHP 7.1.
    Added additional Backup page logging to detect failure point.

    Added additional default exclusions for 3rd party files/directories.
    Stash Live: Added default postmeta exclusion for Adrotate plugin: /_count-views_.+/
    Rackspace destination: Fixed file listing not showing when no directory is set.
    Deployment: Added new option to disable Pushing to or Pulling from a site in the destination's configuration options. Useful for preventing accidental deployments in the wrong direction.

    Full backups now contain a copy of importbuddy.php even if password is not set. In this case the user will need to use the "Forgot Password" option to use this importbuddy.php.
    importbuddy: Lack of json_decode() function now displays error message.
    Rackspace remote destination: Fixed uncaught exception when directory value is blank.
    Misc logging improvements.

    Added additional status logging and error checking for fread'ing file contents for S3 (v2) and S3 (V3) destinations.
    Recent Sends listing table now limits the maximum displayed to the most recent 100 items to prevent page load issues. New constant: RECENT_SENDS_MAX_LISTING_COUNT.
    Stash Live: View unsent files now optionally shows file permissions and ownership for each pending file by default.

    Rackspace Remote Destination: Fixed support for storing into directories and browsing directories.
    Rackspace Remote Destination: Fixed table listing size.

    Fixed Deployment confirmation not cleaning up some tables due to housekeeping cleanup_temp_tables rename to remove_temp_tables().

    Fixed BackupBuddy welcome banner showing on plugin activate screen.
    Rackspace destination: Added support for directory paths.
    Stash Live live database backup now excludes options updates to "wordfence_syncAttackDataAttempts" option due to rapid updates.
    Updated Google Drive setup instructions to reflect Google's UI changes.
    Fixed undefined index $client_id and $client_secret for Google Drive destination.
    Fixed global exclusions not being applied to schedule backups.
    If Full profile type was...