Bug Fix: Fix for some sites that are unable to send to Stash Remote Destination (both v2 and v3).
Enhancement: Version bump (that's it)
Bug Fix: Some user's sites permanently cached invalid Stash Live credentials. This fix automatically clears the cache for sites that currently have this issue and adds measures to prevent it from happening in the future.
Bug Fix: Someone fat fingered the last release version.
Enhancement: Added improved caching to the Stash Live system which can improve performance.
Enhancement: Added support for the Stash Live server to attempt to fix known issues that can prevent the service from functioning correctly.
Enhancement: Fixed error reporting in Stash Live to report error details from the AWS SDK API that were previously missing.
Bug Fix: Added support for a new BACKUPBUDDY_STASH_USE_LEGACY_UPLOAD define that may help some sites send files into Stash.
Enhancement: Adding filters for LiquidWeb UI improvements (Managed Press)
Bug Fix: Fixed importbuddy bug that prevents all files in Stash from showing properly.
Bug Fix: Fixed Stash remote destinations sometimes not removing older uploads per the destination settings.
Enhancement: Updating http to https
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