Beaver Tunnels 2.1.6

Fixed a bug that prevented the Remove Data setting from saving.
Fixed an issue that caused PHP errors when removing display conditions.
Action hooks are now sorted alphabetically.
Added some Beaver Builder Theme hooks that were missing.
  • Beaver Tunnels column now displays properly with Beaver Builder v1.10 and greater.
  • Updated how some help text was worded.
  • Added: Actions to fire before and after the find_templates function runs.
  • Enhancement: Limited the number of posts returned to the 1,000 most recent.
  • Fixed: An issue with the other shortcodes inside the [beaver_builder] shortcode while in Page Builder mode.
  • Fixed: Creating multiple OR conditions would save as AND conditions.
  • Fixed: Improvements to the reliability of the [beaver_tunnels] shortcode.
  • Fixed: The Tax Archive condition did not work for Categories or Tags.
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