BeMusic - Music Streaming Engine 2.3.6

Bug Fixes
- fixed an issue with validation error messages not being displayed sometimes.
- shuffle button will now have proper color when shuffle is activated.
- mix of locally uploaded songs and ones streamed from youtube in a queue will now play properly.

- symlinks are no longer used by default.
- search page will now display track artists and album in track table.
Bug Fixes
- fixed a display issue with shuffle button on full screen overlay.
- fixed a typo in seo meta tags on playlist pages.
- fixed an issue with image sometimes not uploading from custom page editor.
- corrected volume bar display issues on some older mobile browsers.
- fixed an issue with settings sometimes not persisting when saving from admin area.
- fixed an issue where sometimes incorrect tracks were imported for album from spotify.

- improved search for artists that have accented characters in their name.
- added an option to confirm user's email when creating user from admin.
- improved playlist modal appearance on mobile.
- added support for more ad providers.

- Homepage can now be changed from settings page.
Bug Fixes
  1. corrected reset password url in the email sent to user.
  2. adding several missing permissions to users/groups pages in admin area.
  3. corrected an issue where permissions could not be added to to user on some servers.
  4. show lyrics for clicked song and not currently playing song via context menu.
  5. corrected wikipedia language code setting in admin area > settings page.
  6. added proper seo tags to homepage
  7. prevent radio page from overflowing if track or album has unusually long name.
  8. added a few missing language lines to translations page.
  9. fixed an issue where only one public playlist would appear in user's profile page.
  10. allow genre names and other settings to contain all valid utf-8 characters.
  11. highlight track name on mobile when that track is playing
  12. fixed playlist track re-ordering via drag and drop on firefox.
  13. fixed playback overlap when switching from youtube to custom uploaded track or vice versa.
  14. properly set default volume from settings page to custom uploaded tracks.

  1. added an option to disable automatic opening of video overlay on mobile in settings page.
  2. improved validation errors display on mobile.
  3. use POST request if DELETE or PUT requests are disabled on server.
  4. use custom genres specified in settings page, even if genre provider is not set to "local"
  5. usernames in followers and followed pages in user profile will now link to that user's profile page.
  6. allow svg icons to be used in page editor.
  7. added generated sitemap index url in settings page.
- Track duration will now be automatically set when uploading a custom music track.
- Fixed an issue with incorrect album urls when editing an artist from admin area.
- Fixed some grammar mistakes in english and original translation files.
- Fixed an issue with facebook login sometimes not working.
- Fixed an issue with existing artist page sometimes showing 404 error.
- Improved SEO and fixed a few issues with artist and album pages.
- Added an option in settings page to disable curl certificate verification to solve some issues with third party APIs.
- Mobile devices will now use default browser scrollbar for improved scrolling performance.
- Fixed an issue with small video player starting in fullscreen sometimes on iOS.
- Fixed an issue where artist images from spotify would be blurry sometimes.
- Fixed an issue where albums with slash in their name would not work properly sometimes.
- Fixed an issue where custom folders created in BeMusic directory were causing issues with settings page sometimes.
- Fixed an issue where custom playlist image was not shown correctly when sharing playlist.
- Fixed an issue with artist biography always being fetched in english even if other language was specified.
- Fixed an issue with admin not being able to create users if email confirmation is enabled in settings page.
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