Download Monitor Page Addon 1.2.4

Adds a [download_page] shortcode for showing off your available downloads, tags and categories.

Last Update:Oct 3, 2016      
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  1. Apanha
    Add a self contained [download_page] shortcode to your site to list downloads, categories, tags, and show info pages about each of your resources.

    A neat way to showcase downloads
    The Page Addon Extension adds a[download_page] shortcode which lists featured downloads, categories, tags and a search box. Listed downloads link through to a download detail page rather than the download links themselves. The number of items shown per section are all customisable via shortcode arguments.

    Tags and Categories
    Users can browse sortable, paginated lists of your downloads by tag and category. Categories also show hierarchy allowing the download lists to be narrowed down further.

    Download Details
    Show extra details about your downloads including versions, description, thumbnail, custom fields and the download link itself.