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Elegant Themes Divi Wordpress Theme 3.26.2

Elegant Themes Divi WordPress Theme Build up your library with your favorite layouts and use them to save hours of time with Divi

Updated at NF:Jul 16, 2019 at 9:24 PM      
5/5, 6 ratings

  1. 3.26.2

    - Fixed the issue where Global Defaults settings caused an increase in the load time of the Divi Builder.
    - Introduced new reset icon on each individual background options.
    - Fixes the issue where user roles were not applied in the Divi Builder.
    - Fixed Empty Columns rendering in Divi Builder Plugin.
    - Fixed issue where background field icons sometimes disappear when hovering over the background field.
    - Fixed inability to launch the Quick Actions modal after editing inline editable content.
  2. 3.26.1

    - Fixed the issue when it was not possible to clone and delete the Columns from within the Row settings window.
    - Fixed Modules Copy/Paste functionality.
    - Fixed Page Settings Custom CSS problems with selecting styles.
    - Fixed an issue where the Row width options don't work in Divi Builder.
  3. 3.26

    - Added a mechanism to allow to set site-wide section/row/module defaults from right inside the builder.
    - Fixed disabling Portability for specific modules not always disabling the Portability button.
    - Fixed unwanted default values inheritance between Row and Columns.
    - Fixed unsupported Row structure conversion to supported structure after manual Columns re-arrangement.
    - Fixed Row Sizing migration that removed row custom gutter width.
    - Fixed module align control missing buttons in Legacy...
  4. 3.25.4

    - Fixed the Visual Builder re-loading after opening a settings modal quickly after the builder loaded.
    - Fixed Visual Builder double loading issue that occured when using CPT Layout Injector plugins.
    - Fixed Visual Builder double loading issue that occured when using different language settings for WordPress and user.
    - Fixed Visual Builder double loading issue that occured once after rolling back to an older Divi version.
    - Fixed Visual Builder double loading issue that occured while Divi...
  5. 3.25.3

    - Changed the default Shop module sorting option to match the configured value in the Customizer.
    - Added a new "Sort by Menu Order" option to the Shop module to match the previous default. All current users will automatically be switched to this mode for backwards compatibility.
    - Fixed Parent Row/Section Hover Buttons Stuck On After Adding Column.
    - Fixed Modules Animation preview in Visual Builder.
    - Fixed console warning about react incorrect prop name.
    - Fixed a case of Visual Builder...
  6. 3.25.2

    - Fixed missing default padding for Columns in Specialty Sections in some cases.
    - Fixed Column Options Migration in Classic Editor.
    - Fixed inability to set global background color from Theme Customizer.
    - Fixed Divider height set to 0px after theme update.
    - Fixed PHP warning undefined module_id on column.
    - Fixed Background Image rendering for Specialty Section Columns in Visual Builder.
    - Disabled insert column hover line when Row has max Columns.
    - Fixed empty column minimum height in...
  7. 3.25.1

    - Fixed parallax class adding for columns without parallax images.
    - Fixed Column Settings Migration.
    - Fixed an error when Visual Builder was used with WP versions prior 5.0.
  8. 3.24.1

    - Fixed row mobile max width overwriting max width provided by user.
    - Fixed Draggble Spacing controls size when margin/padding value is a non numeric value.
    - Fixed module styles affecting module popover styles.
    - Prevented draggable padding controls rendering when editing in inline editor.
    - Removed unnecessary Google Maps reinit process and use Google Maps set options method to update grayscale filters on mobile.
    - Fixed Quick Access not rendering options under heading sub toggle.
  9. 3.24

    - Prevented possibility to edit draggable sizing of modules inside locked section.
    - Fixed Map and FullWidth Map height.
    - Fixed ability to use valid CSS string values, like auto, inherit, etc. as the value for Custom Margin field.
    - Prevent transition animation on VB when the mouse leaves any module.
    - Added several PHP Optimizations.
    - Fixed draggable spacing indicator hiding too early.
    - Fixed issue where units were defaulting to the wrong value in some cases.
    - Fixed legacy builder issue...
  10. 3.23.3

    - Fixed issue where you couldn't hex color on background gradient color start and end.
    - Fixed PHP warning on Library due to incorrect translation on closed anchor tag.
    - Fixed WooCommerce PhotoSwipe gallery z-index position.