Elegant Themes Divi Wordpress Theme 4.25

Download Elegant Themes Divi Wordpress Theme 4.25 from nulled fire. Elegant Themes Divi WordPress Theme Build up your library with your favorite layouts.
version 4.25 ( updated 04-18-2024 )
- Introduced Divi Layouts AI: Generate entire Divi pages with a simple prompt using AI.
- Fixed a fatal error that can occur with WordPress 6.5 while using a 3rd-party Divi extension which does not properly set the domain property when extending the DiviExtension base class.
- Fixed several compatibility issues with PHP 8.2.
- Fix deprecated messages when editing existing post with Divi Layout block in WordPress 6.5.
- Fix deprecated messages when adding new post or edit existing post in WordPress 6.5.
- Fixed image refinement issues by correcting endpoint usage and prompt handling.
- Added multiple upscaling and canvas limit to 8192px.
version 4.24.2 ( updated 02-20-2024 )
- Fixed an issue in the Divi Builder that caused fields in the module settings modal to crash.
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