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Elegant Themes Extra Wordpress Theme 2.27.1

A Magazine WordPress Theme Powered By The Divi Builder ... Extra is fully responsive

Updated at NF:Aug 17, 2019 at 3:13 PM      
5/5, 2 ratings

  1. 2.27.1

    - Fixed error that broke body content controls in 3rd party modules.
    - Reset additional CSS on the contact form honeypot field.
    - Fixed issue where window resize was triggered in a recursive loop for full screen sliders.
    - Fixed PHP warning that could occur when all meta fields were enabled for the blog module.
  2. 2.26.8

    - Fixed Modules Drag and Drop issue in Wireframe mode.
    - Fixed box shadow options not being included when copy and pasting button options group between modules.
    - Fixed horizontal scrollbar when settings modal is snapped into right side on latest Divi Builder Experience.
    - Fixed incorrect selector for Icon Text Color of Social Follow module.
    - Fixes clearing WP Rocket plugin cache when Static files cache is cleared.
  3. 2.26.7

    - Fixed resetting an option while hover mode enabled not resetting desktop, tablet, and phone values.
    - Fixed the issue when the Blog module was disappearing using the grid layout in Divi Builder.
    - Fixed the issue when some content options excluded from the Global Defaults Editor that became default globally after invoking the Making Styles Default action.
    - Fixed background settings and preview not working on Specialty Column.
    - Added Support of Rows moving between Specialty and Regular...
  4. 2.26.6

    - Fixed an error that would sometimes be triggered when editing a Text element in the Visual Builder.
    - Fixed the issue when computed module settings were not fetched correctly for 3rd party modules.
    - Fixed the issue where conditional options wasn't saved properly under the Advanced tab of a module settings.
    - Fixed Modules styles copy/paste issue when empty values were not applied in some cases.
    - Fixed Right Click Menu for Child Item Settings Modal.
    - Moved Row Margin option above the Row...
  5. 2.26.5

    - Prevent contact form's required field being bypassed via editing frontend attribute by checking form map against integrity hash.
    - Improve spam mitigation techniques for Divi's Contact Form module.
  6. 2.26.4

    - Fixed Syntax error, unrecognized expression: issue when adding mailchimp custom field on email optin module in backend visual builder if the mailchimp account uses email address as its username.
    - Fixed an error that would prevent some Text element from being edited in the Visual Builder.
    - Fixed exclude category option not showing initially in the Search Module.
    - Fixed issue with resetting gradient removing default value for the gradient on settings modal.
    - Fixed "Cannot read property...
  7. 2.26.3

    - Fixed double animation on buttons while viewing in Safari.
    - Fixed a bug in the Classic Divi Builder that caused the save process to fail in the Page Settings Modal.
    - Fixed an error that could be triggered in the Visual Builder when no Global Defaults were defined.
    - Removed significant lag while editing module settings in Multiselect mode.
    - Fixed the issue when the last slide of the Posts Carousel Module module was not displayed correctly.
    - Fixed Columns Removing function which could...
  8. 2.26.2

    - Fixed the issue where Global Defaults settings caused an increase in the load time of the Divi Builder.
    - Introduced new reset icon on each individual background options.
    - Fixes the issue where user roles were not applied in the Divi Builder.
    - Fixed Empty Columns rendering in Divi Builder Plugin.
    - Fixed issue where background field icons sometimes disappear when hovering over the background field.
    - Fixed inability to launch the Quick Actions modal after editing inline editable content.
  9. 2.26.1

    - Fixed the issue when it was not possible to clone and delete the Columns from within the Row settings window.
    - Fixed Modules Copy/Paste functionality.
    - Fixed Page Settings Custom CSS problems with selecting styles.
    - Fixed an issue where the Row width options don't work in Divi Builder.
  10. 2.26

    - Added a mechanism to allow to set site-wide section/row/module defaults from right inside the builder.
    - Fixed disabling Portability for specific modules not always disabling the Portability button.
    - Fixed unwanted default values inheritance between Row and Columns.
    - Fixed unsupported Row structure conversion to supported structure after manual Columns re-arrangement.
    - Fixed Row Sizing migration that removed row custom gutter width.
    - Fixed module align control missing buttons in Legacy...