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Elementor Pro 2.6.2

Display your best and most interesting posts and projects, in endless possible ways.

Updated at NF:Aug 8, 2019      
4.66667/5, 12 ratings

  1. 2.6.2

    Updated the free plugin
  2. 2.6.2

    Tweak: Better accessibility support in Search Form widget
    Fix: UI glitched in Popup publish screen
    Fix: "Child of Term" and "Any child of term" conditions
    Fix: Restored library_widget_templates action hook for 3rd party compatibility
    Fix: Twitter Icon missing in Blockquote widget
    Fix: Form reCAPTCHA v3 badge position not working
    Fix: Renewal notice bar appears in wrong situations
    Fix: Draft Icon Set loads empty Icon Library
  3. 2.6.1

    Fix: Query Control autocomplete not retrieving results
    Fix: Price Table features section not working
  4. 2.5.14

    Free plugin: Fix: Reverted the changes in Section and Column Vertical Alignment control
  5. 2.5.14

    Fix: Better WC Related Product grid support to various themes
  6. 2.5.13

    Fix: Better WC grid support to various themes
  7. 2.5.11

    Updated free version to v2.6.0
  8. 2.5.11

    Fix: Close icon missing from Nav Menu widget
    Fix: Elementor Pro v2.5.10 shows PHP notice regarding notice bar
    Fix: Fatal error when deleting used Pods fields
    Fix: Missing dropdown icon in conditions screen
  9. 2.5.10

    Tweak: Added compatibility for the upcoming release of Elementor v2.6
    Tweak: Error caused by empty Rows & Columns values in Products widget
    Fix: Do not unset product CPT if it's not from WooCommerce
    Fix: Column Spacing not working in WooCommerce Archive Products widget
    Fix: Title styling not working in Products Categories widget
    Fix: Empty value in Dynamic Pods Gallery dropdown using Safari browser
    Fix: WooCommerce archives included in "All Archives" condition
  10. 2.5.9

    Tweak: Removed auto-confirm control from MailPoet to support new version of MailPoet
    Fix: Multiple Custom Fonts not rendered in the editor
    Fix: Products sale query - handle exclude by manual selection.
    Fix: Product Categories grid row & column style
    Fix: Form integration AJAX cache override
    Fix: Removed redundant CSS on Canvas & Header-Footer page templates