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Elementor Pro 2.5.9

Display your best and most interesting posts and projects, in endless possible ways.

Updated at NF:May 29, 2019      
4.63636/5, 11 ratings

  1. 2.5.9

    Tweak: Removed auto-confirm control from MailPoet to support new version of MailPoet
    Fix: Multiple Custom Fonts not rendered in the editor
    Fix: Products sale query - handle exclude by manual selection.
    Fix: Product Categories grid row & column style
    Fix: Form integration AJAX cache override
    Fix: Removed redundant CSS on Canvas & Header-Footer page templates
  2. 2.5.8

    Fix: Popup entrance animation not working in frontend
    Fix: Popup Exit Intent trigger activated multiple times
  3. 2.5.7

    Fix: Embedded video keeps playing after a Popup is closed (#7875)
    Fix: Maximum call stack size exceeded error in Safari (#7824)
    Fix: Entrance animations not appearing on Popup reopen (#7395)
    Fix: WC variations select style glitch in several themes...
  4. 2.5.6

    Tweak: Removed Shortcode dynamic from Image, Gallery and Media control
    Fix: Popup not inheriting entrance animation in responsive mode (#7809)
    Fix: Terms autocomplete retrieves wrong results in Query Control
    Fix: Query Control Related by author glitches in edge cases
    Fix: Query Control using terms for Products widget
    Fix: Posts cards style glitch in small screens
    Fix: Display conditions delete icon missing in small screens
  5. 2.5.5

    Update: Elementor free version
  6. 2.5.5

    Update: Elementor free version
  7. 2.5.5

    * Tweak: Allow text selection inside a Popup
    * Fix: Added backwards compatibility for `tax_query` in Query Control
    * Fix: Missing arguments for `widget_title` filter
  8. 2.5.4

    -Fix: Move Query from using term_id to term_taxonomy_id
    -Fix: Offset manipulation hook removal in Query control
    -Fix: Missing form field ID in some edge cases
  9. 2.5.3

  10. 2.5.2

    Fix: Overwrite parent widget type in Global Widget
    Fix: Avoid Duplicates option not working in Query Control
    Fix: Manual Selection option not working in Query Control
    Fix: Incorrect condition caused handlers issues inside popup