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Elementor Pro 2.4.8

Display your best and most interesting posts and projects, in endless possible ways.

Updated at NF:Mar 19, 2019 at 2:08 PM      
4.63636/5, 11 ratings

  1. 2.4.8

    Updated the free plugin to v2.5.9
  2. 2.4.8

    Updated Elementor free to v2.5.8
  3. 2.4.8

    -Fix: Missing query section in Products widget
    -Fix: Missing Taxonomy controls in Products widget in edge cases
  4. 2.4.7

    Fix: Compatibility Global Widget with Elementor v2.5.0+
  5. 2.4.6

    Fix: Pods gallery dynamic when empty (#7127)
    Fix: Duplicate call for conditions screen issue
    Fix: Compatibility with Elementor 2.5.0
  6. 2.4.5

    Fix: Image size issue in Testimonial Carousel
    Fix: MailChimp groups not saved in a form integration
    Fix: Show popup preview only on it's own preview
    Fix: Elementor dashboard templates URL corrupted links in edge cases
  7. 2.4.4

    Tweak: Added ACF Date Time Picker field support
    Tweak: Changed the term of All Posts condition to Posts
    Fix: Added <IfModule> to avoid 500 error when mod-headers is missing
    Fix: Include post CSS deletion in Global Widget update
    Fix: Textarea default value in Forms Widget
    Fix: MailPoet latest version caused fatal error
    Fix: Fatal Error caused by calling MailPoet deleted method
    Notice: MailPoet Auto Confirm option will now default to "On"
  8. 2.4.3

    Fix: Custom Add to Cart widget responsive alignment settings
    Fix: Links in Post Info widget
    Fix: WooCommerce View Cart string translate
    Fix: Wrapper classes for header/footer templates
  9. 2.4.2

    Tweak: Added pixel units to Close Button position control in Popups
    Fix: Exclude error in WC Products widget
  10. 2.4.1

    * Tweak: Added CSS classes control to Popup
    * Tweak: Added responsive image size to Testimonial Carousel widget
    * Fix: PHP warning when Toolset Date dynamic is empty
    * Fix: Support of exclude-ids in WC Products widget
    * Fix: Popup close button not clickable
    * Fix: Alignment justify issue of Add to Cart widget
    * Fix: Bad anchors breaks the page JS
    * Fix: Popup overlay shown when turned off