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Elementor Pro 2.3.1

Display your best and most interesting posts and projects, in endless possible ways.

Updated at NF:Dec 23, 2018      
4.63636/5, 11 ratings

  1. 2.3.1

    Update: Elementor free plugin to v2.3.8
  2. 2.3.1

    Fix: Template widget search functionality
    Fix: Apply the_content filter to post content in theme builder
  3. 2.3.0

    New: Introducing Discord Integration for Forms
    New: Introducing Slack Integration for Forms
    New: Introducing MailerLite Integration for Forms
    New: Activate Elementor Pro plugin by connecting to Elementor account
    Tweak: Added elementor_pro/utils/get_public_post_types filter hook
    Tweak: Added loop_start & the_content hooks for Post Content
    Tweak: Removed Custom Attributes from Page Settings
    Tweak: Always add the Custom CSS control to the Advanced tab
    Fix: In sub Term condition false positive...
  4. 2.2.5

    New: Add Style Tab & Custom CSS for Header & Footer Templates.
    Tweak: Added a better identifier for subpages
    Tweak: Removed Custom Attributes from page settings
    Fix: Yahoo event URL date issue
    Fix: Allow timezone settings in Google event URL
    Fix: Avoid z-index changes by nanocss in build process
    Fix: Added missing WC upsells products CSS
    Fix: Nav Menu dropdown losing color on hover
    Fix: WC Product Add-ons CSS compatibility
  5. 2.2.4

    Fix: Global widget not saving changes
    Fix: Dynamic tags support in Blockquote widget
    Fix: Forms Redirect URL action when using form field values with spaces
  6. 2.2.3

    Fix: Missing "Edit Template" in Template widget (#6271)
    Fix: Follow menu anchors with UTF8 characters in Nav Menu
    Fix: Show only supported templates in Template widget
    Fix: Revert conflicting fix for a default order for WC archive
  7. 2.2.2

    Fix: Lightbox dynamic tag crashes the editor
    New: Added ACF File Dynamic tag to support text controls.
    Tweak: Added option to hide item count bubble when cart is empty in Menu Cart widget (#6223)
    Tweak: Added Actions group for Lightbox and Contact URL tags
    Tweak: Added filter elementor_pro/dynamic_tags/shortcode/should_escape to avoid escaping in Shortcode dynamic tag
    Tweak: MailPoet3 integration allow Subscriber to to subscribe to...
  8. 2.2.0

    * New: Introducing Custom Attributes
    * New: Added evergreen option for Countdown widget
    * New: Added expire actions option for Countdown widget
    * New: Introducing Reviews widget
    * New: Introducing Sitemap widget
    * New: Added Request parameter dynamic tag
    * New: Added Shortcode dynamic tag
    * New: Added Image and Video Lightbox dynamic tag
    * New: Added Contact URL dynamic tag
    * New: Added Featured Image Data dynamic tag
    * New: Added default value to each field in the Form widget
    * New: Added...
  9. 2.1.13

    Updated the Elementor free plugin.
    In this case you can update only the free version
  10. 2.1.13

    * Tweak: Added compatibility for new brand Finder in v2.3.0
    * Fix: Settings conflict when there are multiple carousels in the page
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