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FacetWP 3.2.13

Use FacetWP to add faceted search to your eCommerce sites, resource libraries, search pages and more.

Updated at NF:Jan 10, 2019 at 5:17 PM      
5/5, 6 ratings

  1. 3.2.13

    Improve added depth classes (d0, d1, etc) to fSelect choices
    Improve only perform add-on update checks if FacetWP has an active license
    Improve ACF integration now uses the facetwp_indexer_row_data hook
    Improve added fs:eek:pened event to fSelects
    Fix custom translations can be added to wp-content/languages/plugins/fwp-front-[LANG].mo
    Fix issue with "Source other" not toggling other facet settings
    Fix Dutch translations
    Updated jQuery Minicolors
    Updated translation sources
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