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JetEngine For Elementor

Download JetEngine For Elementor from nulled fire. Use powerful widgets made for displaying dynamic content in Elementor.
ADD: 'jet-engine/query-builder/set-props', 'jet-engine/listing/current-object-title', 'jet-engine/query-builder/filters/before-set-props', 'jet-engine/query-builder/filters/after-set-props' hooks;
FIX: Additional security checks on export, import and duplicate legacy forms.
* ADD: Dynamic Field: Allow to specify object property to get manually;
* ADD: Allow enabling hierarchical structure of term link;
* ADD: Current Date macro;
* UPD: Profile Builder: User Page Title to add First Name, Last Name & Nickname;
* FIX: Fatal error when listing is not exists;
* FIX: Layout option for relations meta;
* FIX: Unable to fetch image in Lisitng item in Buicks Builder;
* FIX: ACF get_field() function not working properly in Listing Item;
* FIX: Form displayed with a shortcode not working properly;
* FIX: Shortcode generator: Missing Format Number callback parameter;
* FIX: Custom Query with filter by related post;
* FIX: Repeater query issue with dynamic fields below;
* FIX: CCT Query IN and NOT IN operators do not get an array as a value;
* FIX: PHP errors on save build-in taxonomy;
* FIX: Terms Query: Order by meta clause does not work if the clause name contains capital letters;
* FIX: Update elementor database critical error.