JetEngine For Elementor 3.4.6 3.4.6

Download JetEngine For Elementor 3.4.6 from nulled fire. Use powerful widgets made for displaying dynamic content in Elementor.
Why is this going backwards? This update is 1.2.2, however, the previous updated was 2.2.1

Is this a different JetEngine package?
They was provided by user of nf
The "JE External Modules" arrived with “JetEngine For Elementor 3.0.5” update in the zipped file not as a publicly shared file.

So I am confused now.

Will you be still providing updates for the "JE External Modules" as part of “JetEngine For Elementor” updates or do we have to source them out elsewhere?

By the way, the "JE External Modules" are part of “JetEngine For Elementor” and cannot be purchased separately.


It's a good plugin for make a lots of adds in the wordpress web.

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