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JNews - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme 5.1.0

JNews is a theme designed to provide an “all-in-one” solution for every publishing need.

Updated at NF:Aug 7, 2019      
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  1. 5.1.0

    - [NEW FEATURE] Adding new hover thumbnail effect on the JNews Slider 1
    - [NEW FEATURE] Placeholder feature for empty post thumbnail
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Adding shortcode handler for category description
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Optimize regenerate inline dynamic CSS
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Use .on()
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Escape string
    - [BUG] Fix column issue on JNews dashboard
    - [BUG] Fix style issue on custom menu builder
    - [BUG] Fix menu dropdown issue
    - [BUG] Fix Overlay Slider on Elementor
    - [BUG] Fix undefined...
  2. 5.0.3

    - [IMPROVEMENT] Turn on strict mode
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Testing with Envato Theme Check plugin
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Gutenberg optimized
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Better handler for post date
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v5.0.2
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP Extender v5.0.1
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Push Notification v5.0.1
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v5.0.1
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v5.0.1
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v5.0.2
    - [BUG] Fix submenu dropdown doesn't close on click/touch
  3. 5.0.2

    - [IMPROVEMENT] Update Google Font list
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Dark Mode Support for Multisite
    - [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.0.3
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v5.0.1
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v5.0.1
    - [BUG] Fix Elementor icon on archive element
    - [BUG] Fix default mode on dark mode for mobile
    - [BUG] Fix comment link issue
    - [BUG] Fix ajax find category issue
    - [BUG] Disable inline related post on AMP page
    - [BUG] Fix alignment issue on the zoom button
    - [BUG] Fix...
  4. 5.0.1

    - [IMPROVEMENT] Turn on use strict mode
    - [BUG] Fix default mode on dark mode
  5. 4.0.7

    - [BUG] Fixed important security bug from Yellow Pencil plugin
    - [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.2.0
  6. 4.0.6

    - [BUG] Remove debug log
    - [BUG] Fix wp media issue
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Update JNews dashboard
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v4.0.2
    - [PLUGIN] Deprecated JNews - Speed
  7. 4.0.4

    - [BUG] Fix Header Module element on Gutenberg
  8. 4.0.3

    - [BUG] Fix metabox issue with WooCommerce
    - [BUG] Fix header builder issue with Polylang
    - [BUG] Fix Elementor loading issue
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v4.0.1
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v4.0.1
  9. 4.0.2

    - [BUG] Fix checkbox issue on Gutenberg editor
  10. 4.0.1

    - [IMPROVEMENT] Add frontend translation for user website field
    - [BUG] Fix user filter issue on the media library
    - [PLUGIN] Update Revolution Slider v5.4.8.2
    - [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v5.7
    - [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v4.0.1