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REHub 7.9.1

REHub – Hybrid wordpress template with enhanced affiliate, coupon, directory functions

Updated at NF:Jan 12, 2019 at 12:05 PM      
5/5, 1 rating

  1. 7.9.1

  2. 7.8.8

    Added: Review score and criterias to woocommerce Rows module
    Added: Updated functions for Directory, Review and Classified sites on woocommerce
  3. 7.8.7

    Added:Visual editor to category description fields and FR localization + fix of review box non visibility
  4. 7.8.6

    Added:New product layouts for Directory and Review sites
    Added:Option to set Backroung for Review block and Full width product layout
    Added:Option to enable button for Compact grid module for Woocommerce (Theme option – Loop Customization)
  5. 7.8.4

    Added: Sorting by expiration date in page builder modules
    Added: Better UI for woocommerce columned grid
    Added: Review stars in loop supports also Editor’s score
    Update: Compatibility with Wordpress 5.0, update for Wp Bakery plugin and Revolution slider
  6. 7.8.3

  7. 7.8.2

    Added: Floating panel for Big Offer post layout and some small fixes
  8. 7.7.3

  9. 7.7.2

  10. 7.7.1

    Added: Option to add labels for icons in Comparison/Shop header layout
    Added: New Product layout for Directory woocommerce Example of Directory Compact Product Layout
    Added: Mobile floating panel for Products
    Fix for price alert popup and other improvements