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REHub 9.5.1

REHub – Hybrid wordpress template with enhanced affiliate, coupon, directory functions

Updated at NF:Aug 16, 2019 at 2:37 PM      
5/5, 1 rating

  1. 9.5.1

    Couple of fixes
  2. 9.4.4

    Few fixes according to buyer's reports
  3. 9.4.2

    -Fix for listing builder
  4. 9.3.4

    Added: New styles and functions for Cardbox module in Elementor
    Added: New design style for woocommerce grid (product image grid)
    Fix for ajax tabs
  5. 9.3

    • Added: Preloader option for pages
    • Added: Shortcode area for Listing Builder
    • Added: 10 ready pages and blocks for Elementor
    • Added: Recompare and Rewise are moved to Elementor and updated
    • Fix: Fixes for Dokan PRO, AMP for WP + Woocommerce Auction plugin styles
  6. 9.1.4

    Added:Updated Custom Product Areas. it’s working now for variable products. Added several ready templates for Elementor for product areas
    Added: Near 15 ready blocks for Elementor + 3 ready pages
    Added:Woocommerce regular filter widgets support Product Swatches (images, color tags, text tags)
    Added: Option to have left sidebar on Shop pages so it’s rendering before content
    Added: Caching and Ajax loading for Elementor Templates
    Fixes: Some fixes and...
  7. 9.1.3

    Added: Buttons to “Menu + Logo in one row” header layout
    Fix: Some fixes and improvements due to buyer’s reports
  8. 9.1.1

    Please, read about deprecated parts and how to update Critical 9.0 update

    Added: New effects to Elementor elements (infinite move, rotate, shape maker)
    Added: 4 new ready blocks for Elementor
    Some fixes
  9. 8.6

    Fix:some fixes for WCFM store page
    Added:Notice about upcoming 9.0 version Critical 9.0 update
  10. 8.5

    Added:Elementor now has Fontawesome pro icons
    Added:Tabs for Everything widget for Elementor
    Added:Compatibility for upcoming Cashback tracker plugin and some other cashback function improvements.
    Added:Deal of day widget was improved and can have carousel now. Also, you can use it as content module
    Added:Fix for WCFM icons, inner product pages have maximum quality image and many other fixes according to reports.