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Sell Media Reprints Addon 2.2.1

Download Sell Media Reprints Addon 2.2.1 from nulled fire. Graph Paper Press Sell Media Reprints Addon
Download Sell Media Reprints Addon 2.2.1 - Graph Paper Press Sell Media Reprints Addon

The Reprints (Self-Fulfillment) extension for Sell Media allows store owners to sell photo reprints directly out of their WordPress site and print and ship them directly to their customers. Now you can sell both downloadable files and prints using Sell Media! You can create an unlimited number of print sizes that buyers can purchase directly from your WordPress site. You can print the images yourself, or send them to your preferred print vendor of choice. Below are some screenshots of the Reprints (Self-Fulfillment) extension in action:

Shopping Cart


The shopping cart pops up on the page and allows your customers to purchase either downloads or reprints. The screenshot above those the layout of the reprint tab. Buyers can purchase any number of sizes and finishes that your can control on the settings page.

Settings Page

Configure an unlimited number of reprint sizes and finishes, set prices and configure flat, quantity and total shipping rates. The Photo Reprints (Self-Fulfillment) extensions also makes it possible to completely hide the option for buyers to purchase downloads on a store-wide basis.


You can optionally make individual images available for reprint only (not a downloadable product) by checking the “Reprint Only” option when editing an item in Sell Media.

Limited Edition Photos, Prints, and Artwork
You can choose to sell limited edition prints by checking the “Limited Editions” checkbox, saving the post, and later adding the total quantity that you want to sell.

Sell Media Reprints Addon

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Latest updates

  1. 2.2.1

    * Added print price group to quick and bulk edit
  2. 2.1.9

    * Fix: Shipping rate erroneously added if downloads only selected in gallery