StudioPress Genesis Framework 3.2.1

### Fixed
* Accessibility: Prevent screenreader text such as “interim pages omitted” from appearing in paginated navigation for themes that have not added Genesis accessibility support.

### Changed
* Tooling: Allow PHP short array and ternary syntax.
### Fixed
* Ensure unchecked checkboxes in the Genesis editor sidebar save correctly with WordPress 5.3.
* Prevent a warning during One-click Theme Setup under WordPress 5.3.
* Display comment reply forms directly below the comment instead of after nested responses.
* Remove empty entry-meta wrappers if post info or meta is removed via a filter.
* Prevent a fatal error that could occur when visiting the Customizer if the `genesis_footer_output` filter was used with more than one argument.
* Make sure that the `[footer_childtheme_link]` shortcode renders if the Theme URI stylesheet header is missing but the theme declares a `CHILD_THEME_URL`.
* Correct the deprecation message for `genesis_attributes_nav`.
### Fixed
* Prevent the block editor and Genesis sidebar failing to load if a custom post type supports `genesis-layouts` but not `custom-fields`.
* Find '© 2019' in stored footer text and replace it with the `[footer_copyright]` shortcode during the Genesis update process. This is designed to ensure that the copyright year in footer text updates in future years.
### Added
* Add a new genesis-breadcrumbs-visible body class if breadcrumbs are visible on a page.
* Add new genesis-singular-image-visible body class to allow styling of pages if a featured image appears on them.

### Changed
* Add the genesis-breadcrumbs-hidden body class if breadcrumbs are disabled for the current page type. (Previously this was only applied if breadcrumbs were active but hidden using “hide breadcrumbs”.)
* Hide Custom Classes panel in the Genesis sidebar if the current post type is not public.
* Do not emit genesis-singular-image-hidden body class if unsupported by current post type.
* Hide Breadcrumbs panel in the new Genesis editor sidebar if a theme opts to disable support for Genesis breadcrumbs.
* Hide Genesis sidebar if no panels will display.

### Fixed
* Fix an issue where heading levels would change for static homepages on sites using SEO plugins.
* Fix an issue where changes to Genesis sidebar settings would fail to save if the Easy Digital Downloads plugin was in use.
* Prevent the Genesis sidebar from appearing on posts that do not support custom-fields.
### Fixed
* Fixed instances of late escaping that were too aggressive.
* Fixed an issue encountered by the AMP plugin where the use of `uniqid()` breaks the post-processor.
### Added
* Restored `404.php`.
* Restored `page.php`.
* Restored `search.php`.
* Restored `single.php`.

### Removed
* Removed language files from core while we work on reliability standards.

### Fixed
* Fixed issue where certain child theme styles fail to load. `CHILD_THEME_NAME` is now used (if available) when returning a theme handle (used when enqueueing CSS).
### Added
* Added action links (via filter) to the end of the update completed screen.

### Removed
* Removed automatic redirect to Theme Settings after an update.
* Removed the function that output a "success" notice after database upgrade. Upgrades are now silent.

### Fixed
* Fixed issue on Genesis Plugins page that resulted in a fatal error on WP 5.x or older.
* Fixed issue with the database upgrade that would cause it not to run in certain circumstances.
- Fixed issue where `get_comment_author_link()` was being escaped improperly.
### Added
* Added menu support to onboarding process.
* Added featured image support to onboarding process.
* Added support for assigning static Posts page to onboarding process.
* Added post excerpt support to onboarding process.
* Added dynamic support for child theme constants.
* Added support for importing specified settings on theme activation via a config file.
* Added functions to get, set, and delete settings that eventually expire.

### Changed
* Improved the onboarding process for screen readers.
* Update Superfish to 1.7.10.
* Changed references of "Front Page" to "Homepage" where appropriate.
* Use the post type's label as linked text in the metabox on CPT archive settings.
* Changed the Genesis update storage to an expiring setting rather than a transient.

### Removed
* Removed several Grunt dev tools and replaced with node scripts.
* Removed sitemap from 404 template (performance and security).
- Fixed `genesis_human_time_diff()` to display accurate relative dates.
- Fixed a problem with `aria-hidden` and `tabindex` attributes were being escaped, causing the quotes to be unintentionally encoded.
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