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Themify Builder Bar Chart Addon 3.0.1

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Download Themify Builder Bar Chart Addon 3.0.1 from nulled fire. Themify Builder Bar Chart Addon lets you build beautiful and colorful bar charts
The Bar Chart is built to allow you to display your data in a visually-appealing bar graph. Designed to work seamlessly with the Themify Builder, it can be dragged and dropped on any row on your site. Each bar gives you the ability to choose any color and height that you would like each bar to be. It also allows you to input any number, or text inside the bar and choose to either display it horizontally or vertically. With it's animated bar and responsive design, we've built this addon to be viewed on any resolution with seamless design and functionality. These feature ensures that no information is missed when viewed through a mobile or tablet device. Showcase your data on your site now with the new Bar Chart addon.

  • Custom bar color
  • Adjustable bar height
  • Input any text or number in the bar
  • Horizontal or vertical text orientation
  • Unlimited number of bars
  • Responsive - Auto adjusts when viewed on any resolution

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Themify Builder Bar Chart Addon

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