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Themify Builder Timeline Addon 1.2.4

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Download Themify Builder Timeline Addon 1.2.4 from nulled fire. Themify Builder Timeline Addon allows you to display content in a timeline-styled layouts
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The Timeline module allows you to create a unique way to display your posts/texts. This module allows you to create either list view or timeline graph layouts of your posts/text. It also allows you to sort it based on the ID, author, date, title, when it was modified, and even at random. This module also gives you the ability to customize the style of your text, as well as, customize the size of your images
Themify Builder Timeline Addon

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  1. 1.2.4

    * Fix: Title html tag shouldn't output if it is empty
  2. 1.1.8

    * Tweak: Enhance general heading styling