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Thrive Themes - Pressive 1.300.14

Thrive Themes - Pressive is an excellent theme for creating marketing websites

Last Update:May 7, 2018      
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  1. 1.300.14

    -Pressive fix: display videos on page load if autoplay option is set
    -Language files updated
  2. 1.300.13

    Add author description to the author archive page
    Translated thrive post widget date
    Removed breadcrumb error
  3. 1.300.12

    Fix for error log generated by woocommerce > 3.3
  4. 1.300.11

    -page settings propagated over TOP Page Variations
  5. 1.300.09

    Fixed PHP warnings when uploading non-image files
    Fixed twitter share returning “HTTP ERROR 400”
  6. 1.300.08

    Fixed error while uploading images
    Fix for double title tag
  7. 1.300.07

    Kraken improvements
    Fix for 2
  8. 1.300.06

    Fix text editing in architect page templates #yolo
    Fixed notice appearing on homepage
    Fixes for Apprentice Options / Download links
    Fix Architect full width background for grid and masonry display
    Added theme_support for ‘title-tag’
    Fix woocommerce deprecated calls
    Fix for category name in header
  9. 1.300.05

    Fixed API Connections not showing forms
  10. 1.300.04

    • Theme options conflict with Bombyx4wp
    • Fixed the Facebook share count
    • Fix for conflict with Event Espresso Plugin
    • Pressive – Incorrect page layout causing javascript errors on the page