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Thrive Themes - Pressive 1.200.31

Thrive Themes - Pressive is an excellent theme for creating marketing websites

Last Update:Aug 10, 2017 at 9:56 PM      
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  1. 1.200.31

    • Conflict with AMP CTA plugin
    • Fix search-icon extension
    • RISE pagination issues
  2. 1.200.30

    Submenu items being displayed when resizing the window
    Fix “/” appearance on meta info and comments count
    Author box fix in Rise and Storied
  3. 1.200.29

    • Woocommerce shortcode render fix
    • Submenu items being displayed when resizing the window
    • Font size fix for grid view
    • Performag – Fix for Thrive Ad Widget only display a couple of Ad Groups
    • Overflow change on body which caused an drag and drop issue with learndash plugin
  4. 1.200.28

    • Fix for excerpt cloning
    • Fix for share count when link is https but wp returns http
  5. 1.200.27

    Fix for Image optimization that will now keep the metadata
    Fix for Apprentice Breadcrumbs on Ignition Theme
  6. 1.200.26

    • Fix for video info being removed when quick-editing Apprentice Lessons
    • Woocommerce 3.0 gallery fix
    • Fix for Masonry style layout showing CSS code in the excerpt
    • Performag – Fix for menu floating issue with social share buttons
    • Improvements for the scrollable area in the left menu
  7. 1.200.25

    • Fix for conflict between Minus and Eventon plugin
    • Performag – Fix for menu floating issue when there are no social sharing options at the top of the page
  8. 1.200.24

    • Fix for Apprentice lessons order
    • Add support for excerpt in Focusblog Apprentice
    • Apprentice Lessons/Pages integrated with Paid Membership Pro through Levels Meta Box
    • Fix for Apprentice Navigation Widget for Lessons on 3 levels
    • Apprentice lessons fix for back and next link
    • Responsive fix for thumbnail featured image on mobile
    • Fix for trying to get property of non-object
    • Fix for Blog Archive name
  9. 1.200.23

    • Conflict with subscribe to comments reloaded
    • Fixes for the full width / full height background images for page sections
    • Woocomerce compatibility fix
    • Menu display fix when on tablet display. (menu automatically opened)
  10. 1.200.22

    • Captcha plugin integration for comments
    • WooCommerce external/affiliate product styling
    • Fix for CustomGrid shortcode opening up Button options
    • Fix for disabled link in menu
    • Fix footer display for social links
    • Fix for Woocommerce page sidebar being displayed below content