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Total - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 4.8

Total is a modern and responsive WordPress theme that combines the power of the WordPress Customizer

Updated at NF:Jan 12, 2019 at 12:33 PM      
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  1. 4.8

    ADDED: Ajax Pagination (load more button) to Total grid modules – Blog Grid, Portfolio Grid, Staff Grid, Testimonials Grid, Image Grid, Recent News, Post Types Archive & Post Types Grid. (note: When you use the “CSS Animation” option in the various modules it will use the animation when loading new items for cool affects)
    ADDED: Z-Index option for WPBakery rows and sections
    ADDEDOption for Rows & Sections for the WPBakery page builder to use the post “featured image” as the row background...
  2. 4.7.1

    ADDED: Option to Post Types grid and Post Types Archive modules to add a heading – for users that may need a heading that shows/hides depending if there are posts to show or not
    ADDED: Option to the Image Grid and Carousel modules to link to the full image without lightbox (so if you want to use your own custom lightbox you can)
    ADDED: Option to show/hide empty categories for the Categories grid and carousel modules
    ADDED: New filter “wpex_callout_button_attributes” so you can customize the...
  3. 4.7

    ADDED Mobile alignment classes
    ADDED Option to the Customizer to choose your Callout button style (default, outline, graphical, 3d. etc) and color (from the presets) as well as icon position (after/before text)
    ADDED The “skip-lazy” image class to fix conflicts with JetPack lazy load as needed in Total modules such as carousels, sliders or masonry grids
    ADDED New filter “wpex_enqueue_google_font” which can be used in your child theme to disable the theme’s enqueing of your selected Google...

    UPDATED: Some RTL styles for wpbakery page builder to fix a horizontal scroll in the backend editor and remove outdated border styles
    FIXED: Layout bug with the fixed top mobile menu toggle
  5. 4.6.6

    ADDED: Full Support for the popular and free “One Click Demo Import” plugin as an alternative importer if you want to use this plugin instead (in the future we may be removing the built-in demo importer in exchange for recommending this plugin, depending on user feedback).
    ADDED: Left margin option in the Customizer under Header > Menu so you can easily space out your menu items a bit if needed (for header style 1)
    ADDED: New filter “wpex_get_system_ui_font_stack” if you want to alter the...
  6. 4.6.5

    ADDED New panel under Tools > Accessibility with some theme options to tweak the theme’s default accessibility functions
    ADDED Elementor templates to the list of available templates to select from when using the dynamic template options in the Customizer for built-in post types
    ADDED New shortcode “highlight” which can be used to add a modern text highlight to any text. Sample screenshot.
    ADDED New filter “wpex_retina_resize” which can be used in your child theme to prevent the default...
  7. 4.6.1

    ADDED: New setting to all public taxonomies so you can redirect terms to a static page if wanted – screenshot – for example when building categories using the page builder you can redirect the archives to these pages
    ADDED: Min-width option for the multi-buttons module
    ADDED: Icon display option to list item module (float left or inline)
    ADDED: New filter “wpex_header_logo_output” to customize the output of your header logo via a child theme if needed without overriding the parent file...
  8. 4.6

    ADDED Customizer Typography option for “Footer Widgets”
    ADDED Customizer option for altering the default width of the Vertical Header
    ADDED Mobile menu search to the Full Screen mobile menu if enabled
    ADDED Option to add a custom background for your header when enabling the Overlay Header function via the page settings
    ADDED Aria-hidden tag to Icon Box icons for accessibility reasons
    ADDED Quora to the social options (topbar, widget, builder module)
    ADDED Filters to various Total modules so...

    Theme is activated,you can import demos.

    ADDED: Option in the Customizer to set a custom background image for your site header and background style
    ADDED: Option in the Customizer to select “custom” for your mobile menu toggle which disables the toggle on the page but still loads the code for the mobile menu – this will allow you to trigger the theme’s mobile menu from anywhere by using the classname “mobile-menu-toggle” on any link
    ADDED: New action hooks – wpex_hook_archive_loop_before_entry & wpex_hook_archive_loop_after_entry...