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WooCommerce Composite Products 8.10.3

Download WooCommerce Composite Products 8.10.3 from nulled fire. Create complex, configurable product kits and let your customers build their own
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Create complex, configurable product kits and let your customers build their own, personalized versions.
The Composite product type is ideal for offering dynamic product kits made up of multiple components, such as custom computers, skateboards, gift-boxes and made-to-order jewellery.

The powerful Composite type makes building even the most complex product kit a breeze: To create a new Composite product, just add a few components, populate them with product options and adjust their layout.

Composite products can be fine-tuned to optimize the customer experience in a wide range of applications: From adding a few products in a small bundle, to crafting acomplex product kit builder with countless product options, the extension gives you all the bundling functionality and layout options you need to keep your customers engaged and maximize conversion.

Simple, yet Powerful
Pick products from your catalog and create configurable product kits of any size and complexity. With support for simple and variable products, downloadable products and product bundles, the Composite Products extension is a simple yet powerful tool, suitable for a wide range of bundling applications with strict stock keeping requirements.

Built to Scale
Optimize the layout of your Composite products according to their size and complexity. With multiple layout optionsto choose from, a responsivecomponent options view, productsorting/filtering controls and an extensive arsenal of action/filter hooksfor developers, every Composite product can be quickly adapted to the task at hand.
WooCommerce Composite Products

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