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WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) 4.5.32

WooCommerce Point of Sale is an extension which allows you to place orders through a Point of Sale interface swiftly using the WooCommerce products and orders.

Updated at NF:Aug 14, 2019 at 1:18 PM      
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  1. 4.5.32

    * Fix - coupons with product restrictions were not being applied correctly.
  2. 4.5.30

    * Fix - products loaded were not respecting edited prices.
  3. 4.5.29

    * Fix - products were not loading for some users.
    * Fix - report not showing when clicking print on reports page.
  4. 4.5.28

    * Fix - rounding errors were causing total to be displayed incorrectly.
  5. 4.5.27

    * Fix - rounding total was not being respected when taking orders.
    * Fix - auth permissions were not removed.
  6. 4.5.26

    * Fix - integration with Product Add-Ons not showing fields on receipt.
    * Fix - coupons not working on checkout page
  7. 4.5.25

    * Fix - saving orders with discounts would not load the discounts properly.
    * Fix - integration with Product Add-Ons was not rendering fields correctly.
    * Fix - integration with Account Funds was not updating accounts correctly.
  8. 4.5.24

    * Feature - ability to control how tiles appear in product grids when using automatic mode. You can choose for tiles to appear in category view or product view.
    * Fix - Paymentsense integration fixed with latest version.
  9. 4.5.23

    * Fix - improve response message when incorrect card details entered in Stripe integration.
    * Fix - copying address from billing to shipping was not working correctly.
    * Tweak - integration with Account Funds working correctly on update and order processing.
    * Tweak - integration with Paymentsense working correctly on update and order processing.
  10. 4.5.22

    * Fix - products in child categories were not showing in more than one parent category.
    * Fix - scanning products with a particular format was not working for some users.
    * Fix - ACF fields were not saving.
    * Fix - stock number on register was not updating after order is placed.
    * Fix - invoice emails using invoice plugin from WooCommerce was not sending invoice.