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WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) 4.4.30

WooCommerce Point of Sale is an extension which allows you to place orders through a Point of Sale interface swiftly using the WooCommerce products and orders.

Updated at NF:Mar 20, 2019 at 2:54 PM      
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  1. 4.4.30

    * Fix - CloudPRNT after disabled would not show print dialogue on register.
    * Fix - CloudPRNT would not show currency symbol.
    * Fix - plugin conflict with ACF.
    * Fix - error shown on edit register page.
  2. 4.4.29

    * Fix - when no orders made, end of report would show error.
    * Fix - sales by session page showed error.
    * Fix - CloudPRNT was showing error when disabled.
    * Fix - barcode page was showing error.
    * Fix - ACF integration was showing error.
    * Fix - receipt was not showing change for cash payments.
    * Tweak - Paymentsense integration.
    * Feature - auto log out function.
    * Feature - tax summary on end of report.
  3. 4.4.24

    * Fix - receipt tax settings were not respecting format on global settings.
  4. 4.4.23

    * Fix - back to notices needed to be correctly styled and positioned.
    * Fix - rewrite issue was causing performance issues for users.
    * Fix - cashier page kicked database errors.
    * Fix - tax disaply settings in WC settings were not being respected on receipt template.
    * Fix - refunding of variable products with 1 stock were not being restored and processed correctly.
    * Fix - cashier permissions to reports are now removed.
    * Fix - POS admin bar only shown to those who can access register.
  5. 4.4.22

    * Fix - gateway errors showing on My Account page for some users.
    * Fix - ACF fields were not recording for some users.
    * Tweak - requirement checker introduced.
  6. 4.4.21

    * Fix - ability to add top level domain names for outlet email.
    * Tweak - reset POS cashier button resets number of orders on cashiers page for cashier count.
    * Tweak - state fields showing correctly on customer modal.
    * Beta - performance updates.
  7. 4.4.20

    * Fix - tax not showing on receipt page.
    * Fix - when ACF active, icons were not loading correctly from the dashicons library.
    * Fix - variation tiles go back issue.
    * Fix - product discount bug when applying % on product keypad.
    * Feature - users can open registers from My Accounts > Point of Sale. Outlet assignment and capability required.
    * Feature - rectangular tiles can be used for a more responsive UX.
    * Feature - registers page can be accessed from top admin bar.
    * Tweak - delay added...
  8. 4.4.10

    * Fix - reduced stock line was being shown on stock products on receipt.
    * Fix - % was not being inputted in normal admin pages.
  9. 4.4.5

    * Feature - account funds integration to show and reset after each payment.
    * Tweak - add print test page to the printers page.
    * Tweak - receipt template includes dining option to enable and disable.
    * Tweak - customer modal window shows add if adding a customer and save if saving existing customer.
    * Fix - load order status respects the CSS of the orders page.
    * Fix - currency symbols shown on tendered amount (beta).
    * Fix - scanning card will close modal window after scanned.
    * Fix - API...
  10. 4.4.4

    * Feature - further details are now shown on end of sale report. Title of report can be configured from the settings page.
    * Feature - reports now have a unique ID for accounting and tax uses.
    * Feature - view signature button on orders page if order includes signature.
    * Feature - barcode for 30 labels per sheet have been tweaked to accommodate space for more information.
    * Feature - remove PassPRNT code as CloudPRNT is now being used instead.
    * Tweak - CloudPRNT web orders option added.