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WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) 4.5.20

WooCommerce Point of Sale is an extension which allows you to place orders through a Point of Sale interface swiftly using the WooCommerce products and orders.

Updated at NF:Jun 15, 2019 at 11:07 AM      
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  1. 4.5.20

    * Fix - required customer fields were not respected.
    * Fix - CloudPRNT integration was not printing when orders were being made.
  2. 4.5.19

    * Fix - customer loading page when a customer is loaded.
    * Fix - error notice would not show on Stripe gateway.
    * Fix - receipt width was not being respected when printing from register.
    * Tweak - loading of orders with customer and tax data.
    * Feature - taller tiles have been added for users who want to display larger photos for their tiles.
  3. 4.5.18

    * Fix - payment was not charging correctly with Authorize.net CIM gateway.
    * Fix - item notes were not saving to orders.
  4. 4.5.17

    * Fix - loading an order would not load customer information.
    * Fix - sessions reports were not showing for certain logged in users.
    * Fix - subtotal reflects inline item discounting.
    * Feature - default setting for customer adding and saving added.
  5. 4.5.16

    * Fix - meta data for custom products was not saving.
    * Fix - out of stock products were showing in search when function is disabled.
    * Fix - SKU not showing when generating barcodes.
    * Fix - subtotal value was not changing when editing product prices.
    * Tweak - price included in search results.
  6. 4.5.15

    * Fix - discount and coupons were not being reflected after API update.
    * Fix - tax rate was not being applied based on outlet based rules.
    * Fix - integration with Stripe gateway corrected.
    * Fix - error when adding products with stock value set to out of stock.
    * Fix - custom product titles not being shown on order details.
    * Fix - gift receipt was not being printed.
    * Tweak - product search styling to fit more results.
    * Tweak - go back tile grid will not show until all tiles in respected...
  7. 4.5.14

    * Fix - variations were not showing for some users.
    * Fix - navigating through grids was causing user interface errors when loading is not complete.
    * Tweak - customer search refined.
  8. 4.5.13

    * Fix - refund was not searching all order statuses.
    * Fix - reprinting of receipt was showing logged in user rather than cashier name.
    * Fix - cashier cannot load previous orderes.
    * Fix - out of stock products were appearing despite backend setting.
    * Fix - barcode scanning was not respecting scanning field to use.
    * Fix - bug with default dining option on fresh installs.
    * Tweak - search results display.
  9. 4.5.12

    * Fix - loading orders were not loading order ID and respecting chip & PIN method.
    * Fix - product search was not working for some users.
    * Tweak - chip & PIN payment method page.
    * Tweak - shipping page.
  10. 4.5.11

    * Fix - barcode scanning was not working as expected after search changes.