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WP All Export Pro 1.5.3-beta-1.17

Export anything in WordPress to CSV, XML, or Excel.

Last Update:May 14, 2018      
5/5, 1 rating

  1. 1.5.3-beta-1.17

  2. 1.5.2

    -improvement: Support migrating users & keeping passwords
    -improvement: Add Featured Image to Available Data › Media
    -new filter: wp_all_export_raw_prices - disables price formatting
    -bugfix: Error thrown when uploads folder is not writable
    -bugfix: Preview is broken for date fields
    -bugfix: Product visibility broken for old WooCommerce versions
    -bugfix: Custom Export Field values not saved in some cases
    -bugfix: Headers not matching content when they contain special characters
  3. 1.5.1

    • bug fix: custom fields are exported as their name
  4. 1.5.0

    • new feature: Automatic Scheduling
    • new feature: Custom export fields
    • improvement: licenses hidden in the ui and encoded in the database
    • improvement: improved error reporting for custom functions errors
    • improvement: changed excerpt to short description
    • improvement: better price formatting
    • improvement: better function parsing in Google Merchant Center exports
    • improvement: exclude parent products from Google Merchant Center exports
    • improvement: added CHF to list...
  5. 1.4.7

    - improvement: Improved accuracy for export timer
    - improvement: Removed moment.js dependency which causes false positives in some antivirus software
    - imporovement New export complete page

    - bugfix: Fixed problems when switching from WPAE free to WPAE pro
    - bugfix: Special characters in product attributes support
    - bugfix: Fix category mapper containing special characters
    - bugfix: Fixed parsing content with shortcodes in custom XML Export
    - bugfix: Fixed exporting ACF fields with no value...
  6. 1.4.6

    Unknown changelog
  7. 1.4.5

    Unknown changelog
  8. 1.4.4

    Unknown changelog
  9. 1.4.3

  10. 1.4.2