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YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons Premium 1.5.28

Download YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons Premium 1.5.28 from nulled fire. With YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons you could find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow i
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Product variations don’t always satisfy the customers’ needs.
Imagine selling wedding rings. The one who purchases them has a specific need, such as the possibility to add a brief sentence or to choose weight, color, size and sparkle.
These parameters are difficult to be implemented in a product and they would cause a price change according to users’ chosen combinations.

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons you can offer custom products based on your customers’ need, in order to give them a chance to see and purchase exactly the product they are after, immediately increasing your sales and improving customers satifsfaction.

  • Create unlimited groups of options
  • The group of options can be applied to:
    • all the products in the shop
    • one or more product categories
    • specifically on single products
  • Test a group of options and show it only to administrator
  • Add options to the product, choosing from the following typologies:
    • checkbox
    • color
    • date
    • label list
    • number
    • select
    • radio button
    • range
    • text
    • textarea
    • upload
  • Set dependency between the options
  • Assign a fixed or percentage price to the option according to the product cost
  • Set a mandatory option to add products to cart
  • Set label and description for each option
  • Set extensions for file uploads
  • Support to variable products
  • Create attributes of "color" type
  • Create attributes of "label" type
  • Create attributes of "image" type
  • Show attributes description on product page
  • Show tooltip for attributes and advanced options
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  1. 1.5.28

    * New: Support for WooCommerce 4.3 * Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_product_final_price' * Update...
  2. 1.5.27

    * New: Support for WooCommerce 4.2 * Update: Italian language * Update: Color & Labels features...

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