YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons Premium 1.2.5

With YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons you could find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow i

Last Update:Apr 7, 2017      
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  1. 1.2.5

    • New: WooCommerce 3.0.x support
    • New: Dutch language files
    • Dev: Added yith_wapo_product_price_updated trigger
    • Dev: Added query operator for category filter
    • Dev: Added product id in group list
    • Fix: Special chars in label
    • Fix: Change featured image problem
    • Fix: Minor bugs
    • Fix: Variations query when categories are filtered in the edit group
    • Fix: Flolat value for sum + avada style for dropdown
    • Fix: Add to cart layout with Avada
    • Fix: Variation query with...
  2. 1.2.4

    • New Add-Ons options "Minimum and Maximum sum value amount"
    • Fix Featured image does not changed when an add-on was hided by a dependence
    • Fix Calculate totals after quantity value is changed by minimum and maximum rules
    • Fix Calculate totals after product quantity changed.
  3. 1.2.3

    Version 1.2.3 - Released: Jan 11, 2017
    • New: Add-Ons type "Multiple Labels".
    • New: Option "Always show the price table" allows the admin to always show the price table even if the amount of the add-ons is 0 in the single product page.
    • Fix: "Limit selectable elements" now works with "Number" Add-On.
    • Fix: Integration with "YITH WooCommerce Product Bundle Premium".

    Version - Released: Jan 04, 2017
    • * New: Option "Required all options" that allow the admin to decide if a required add-on must have all options required or just one
    • * Fix: Dependence conflict between add-ons and variations requirements
    • * Fix: Some price types not shown in the "new option" template
  5. 1.2.1

    Version 1.2.1 - Released: Dec 23, 2016
    • New: Added two price type "Price multiplied by value" and "Price multiplied by string length"
    • New: Now the options list are sortable with drag & drop in the back-end
    • New: Option "calculate quantity by values amout" that allow the user to set the quantity value as the sum of the total amount of the add-on options
    • Fix: Mobile layout in single product page

    Version - Released: Dec 16, 2016
    New: Product Add-Ons is now integrated with YITH WooCommerce Product Bundle Premium(with versions grather than 1.1.3)
    New: Add-Ons option "replace the product image" works now with YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier
    Fix: Error with category field on variation requirements
    Fix: Output error after plugin activation
    Fix: Wrong arguments using the filter 'woocommerce_cart_item_thumbnail'
    Fix: Argument missed with YITH WooCommerce Catalog mode
    Fix: If...
  7. YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium

    Version - Released: Dec 05, 2016
    • New: WordPress 4.7 support
    • New: Product Add-Ons is now integrated with YITH Composite Products for WooCommerce Premium(with versions grather than 1.0.3)
    • New: Product Add-Ons is now integrated with YITH WooCommerce Subscrition Premium(with versions grather than 1.1.6)
    • Fix: Total box was duplicated with Avada theme and variable product
    • Fix: Prevent variations limit for the "Variation Requirements" field

    Version - Released: Nov 23, 2016
    • Fix: The Add-ons order can' t be saved in the backend
    • Fix: The Add-ons price get 0 when decimal separator is not the point

    Version - Released: Nov 22, 2016
    • New: Option "Replace the product image" that allows the customer to replace the product featured image when the add-on is selected
    • Fix: Min and Max option values doesn' t appear in the administration panel after saving
    • Fix: Required field not works for checkboxes when the option "max item selected" is set

    Version - Released: Nov 10, 2016
    • Fix: Add option doesn' t work with some configurations.
    Version - Released: Nov 09, 2016
    • New: Administration restyling.
    • Fix: Add to cart button was disabled with Flatsome theme.