1. Bookly Customer Information Add-on

    Bookly Customer Information Add-on 2.3

    Customer Information add-on allows you to create multiple types of custom fields and get more info related to your clients. These fields will appear at the Details step in a booking form, and custom information will be added to the customer profile.Features:Various question types (text...
  2. Bookly Chain Appointments Add-on

    Bookly Chain Appointments Add-on 2.2

    Let your clients book several services for single visit with the Chain Appointments add-on. The clients will be able to choose multiple services from different service providers at the first step of booking process.The system then will find time slots when all services can be provided...
  3. Bookly Taxes Add-on

    Bookly Taxes Add-on 2.7

    Bookly Taxes Add-on will let you set up and include taxes in the service price. You’ll be able to define different tax rates and apply them to all or only to selected services. Based on your settings, Bookly will calculate and display a total price with taxes that were applied.Features...
  4. Bookly Special Hours Add-on

    Bookly Special Hours Add-on 2.8

    The Special Hours add-on allows you to set special price of services at specific hours within provider’s schedule. You can set up each service provider and even each service within a provider’s profile separately.
  5. Bookly Compound Services Add-on

    Bookly Compound Services Add-on 3.1

    Bookly Compound Services Add-on will let you bundle existing services into one complex service that clients will be able to book as any ordinary single appointment.Features:Services grouped into bookable sequences: each compound service can include several simple services and...
  6. Bookly Custom Duration Add-on

    Bookly Custom Duration Add-on 2.1

    Bookly Custom Duration add-on enables your clients to decide for how long they want to book an appointment. Should they prefer a continued meeting with you or reserve a conference room beyond the default service duration – let them make the choice!Create services with flexible duration and...
  7. Bookly Invoices Add-on

    Bookly Invoices Add-on 3.0

    Bookly Invoices add-on allows you to automatically issue invoices to your clients upon ordered appointments. Send a payment request when appointments are booked, approved, or received, and get paid within a specified period. Take advantage of the automatic online invoicing and let your clients...
  8. Bookly Special Days Add-on

    Bookly Special Days Add-on 4.4

    Bookly Special Days Add-on set a special schedule, including breaks, different from default working hours for individual staff members. Special day settings will override all regular schedule and even days off created for each staff member.
  9. GDPR Solution – Bookly Customer Cabinet Add-on

    GDPR Solution – Bookly Customer Cabinet Add-on 4.2

    Bookly Customer Cabinet Add-on allows the website owners to comply with the GDPR requirements by providing customers with a possibility to access, manage and delete their personal details and appointments list in a user account.Let your customers return to your website at any time for managing...
  10. Bookly Files Add-on

    Bookly Files Add-on 2.9

    Bookly Files add-on requires installed and activated Custom Fields add-on.File uploading feature simplifies the process of collecting the information, needed before providing a service. Let your clients attach files relating to the appointment right to the online booking form. All materials...
  11. Bookly Multiply Appointments Add-on

    Bookly Multiply Appointments Add-on 2.4

    Let your clients determine the length of their appointments by booking several identical services in consecutive appointments. Could be used for time-flexible services or for bookings by managers for several people in a row.The system then will find time slots that can accommodate the stated...
  12. Bookly Recurring Appointments Add-on

    Bookly Recurring Appointments Add-on 4.4

    Your clients can now book a whole series of recurring appointments weeks or months ahead, with this add-on to the Bookly Pro plugin.Enable or disable the option of having recurring appointments for each service. Clients can choose repeat intervals from daily to once in several months. All...
  13. Bookly Service Extras Add-on

    Bookly Service Extras Add-on 4.2

    The Bookly Service Extras add-on allows customers to book extra items for selected services. After installation and setup of the add-on customers will see a new step “Extras” after the Service step in the Bookly form.It is possible to bind an unlimited number of extra items to each service...
  14. Bookly Ratings Add-on

    Bookly Ratings Add-on 2.0

    With Bookly Ratings add-on you can evaluate your staff members’ level of proficiency and gather feedback on how well a service has been performed.Encourage your customers to rate the services they receive to keep up with professional standards and always meet the client’s expectations...
  15. Bookly Locations Add-on

    Bookly Locations Add-on 4.5

    Bookly Locations Add-on easily manage multiple locations of your business.Locations – new property to be chosen during booking process Seamlessly integrated into booking process and admin area Staff associated with specific locationsA subtle change to the usual booking process, and your...
  16. Bookly Waiting List Add-on

    Bookly Waiting List Add-on 2.3

    Bookly Waiting List add your clients to a waiting list when you’re fully booked.Add your clients to a waiting list when you’re fully booked. That way, when an appointment becomes available, you can fill it immediately. This way you avoid losing the time and money.When a time slot opens, a...
  17. Bookly Packages

    Bookly Packages 4.5

    Bookly Service Package add-on allows you to sell services in package.You can set discounts on packages to encourage more sales and increase customer loyalty. And you can set a validity period to make sure customers use their package deals.Your clients will love the fact that they can book...
  18. Bookly Stripe (Add-on)

    Bookly Stripe (Add-on) 3.3

    Bookly Stripe add-on allows your client to use Stripe payment method.Let your customers make payments online using Stripe on your WordPress website.Stripe operates in over 25 countries that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Customers can...
  19. Bookly PayU Latam (Add-on)

    Bookly PayU Latam (Add-on) 2.9

    Bookly PayU Latam add-on allows your client to use PayU Latam payment method.Integrate one of the leading online payment service providers into your WordPress website with Bookly #1 WordPress Booking & Scheduling plugin.Enable your customers to make payments on your website using the PayU...
  20. Bookly Payson (Add-on)

    Bookly Payson (Add-on) 2.8

    Bookly Payson add-on allows your client to use Payson Checkout 2.0 payment method.Enable online payments through Payson payment gateway on your WordPress website with Bookly #1 WordPress Booking & Scheduling plugin.Payson’s payment solution for e-commerce, PaysonCheckout, is designed to...