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Dokan Pro - Business 3.0.0 released


Staff member
- [fix] Outdated template warning on vendor migration page
- [fix] Undefined variable warning while adding a new product addon (Porduct Addons)
- [fix] When vendor access the backend, he can see the dokan menu due to store review permission issue (Store Review)
- [fix] Remove required fields attributes on product edit page ( Product Addons)
- [fix] Store progressbar is not updating when vendor save stripe or wirecard payment method (Stipre & Wirecard)
- [fix] Customer can place order from sellers who are on vacation (Seller Vacation)
- [fix] Prevent duplicate order creation on stripe 3ds checkout (Stripe)
- [fix] Exporting Google Map MarkerClusterer (Geolocation)
- [fix] Active and inactve social profile in vendor single page
- [fix] Various typos on different pages
- [fix] Make vendor staff permissions label translatable (Vendor Staff)
- [fix] Product review pagination is not working correctly (Vendor Staff)
- [fix] MAP on the store listing page is not showing if Google API key field is empty but Mapbox (Geolocation)
- [fix] Modifying the product from the Admin backend reverts the product location to `same as store` (Geolocation)
- [fix] If admin has earning from an order, only then refund application fee (Stripe)
- [feat] Brand support for single product multivendor and normal clone products (SPMV)
- [improvement] Add documentation link for modules in admin module page
- [improvement] Make store support template overridable (Store Support)
- [improvement] Plugin build process and add script to upload built zips on BitBucket
- [improvement] Overall code structure and performance

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