How to pay with Paypal balance and not with Credit Card


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I have got many questions about this,why users can't pay with paypal balance and not with credit card.
To be honest the answer is simple but sometimes simple things doesn't come at our mind when it should.

I had to do some search on google but unlucky,didn't find any clear answer to this,i was checking paypal settings and didn't find anything that would help.

I wasted some of my time and finally i figured it out.

When paypal uses Credit Card and not paypal balance?
When you're trying to buy something that is not in your currency.
Let's say i'm selling a tomato 1€ and you have on your paypal $ USD ,your currency is USD and mine Euros in this case paypal will use your credit card not your dollars on your paypal account.

So if you want to buy my tomato 1€ with your paypal balance and not your card you have to do Currency Exchange.

Here it is how you can do it:
euro 2.JPG

euro 3.JPG

An you're done!!!
Now you can buy my tomato 1€ with your paypal balance and not your Credit Card :rock::party::clap::rofl:

Update: Unfortunately, PayPal will not allow you to use PayPal funds for a subscription. You can pay using any method of payment in PayPal, like a checking account or credit card, but you're not able to use funds directly in PayPal.
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