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Should I use Fiver SEO?


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Sep 29, 2016
Q- I see peoples who got 1000's of top reviews of seo backlinking and etc. and saying they will help me to rank number one, are they using blackhat or whitehat? how much trusted are these on Fiver? Is it safe?

A1- The SEO gigs on there are total junk. Ignore the reviews. Many are fake. Many are just reviewing that the work was done. The review system doesn't let you come back 90 days later when your site has tanked and is penalized and tell people how things really worked out.

If you like using spam and have a plan for it, then Fiverr is a good place to find it. Can be okay for churn and burn projects.
Wouldn't let any of those Fiverr morons touch anything I care about.

A2- Just use your brain. Reverse the shoes. Would you rank someones site on the first page of Google for $5? Or would you use your knowledge and skill to make millions by ranking ton of your own sites on the first page of Google?
If someone could rank your site on the first page of Google for a high traffic search term, they are NOT going to just charge $5. It makes ZERO sense.

A3- If I had to use an analogy, it would be the same as somebody posting on Craigslist that they will come to your house and cook michelin star meals exclusively for you, for $5, until the end of time. As with most things posted on the internet, if it sounds too good to be true, it's usually some creepy college kid trying to swindle money out of suckers.

SEO is a long term process, and isn't something that can be 'fixed' for 5 bucks. Anybody claiming categorically that they can achieve first page rankings for your site doesn't understand the concept well enough to be able to do anything effective anyway. Steer clear.

A4- Most of the Gigs on Fiver wont give you any good results. Google is good at detecting patterns and can easily find out and penalize these kind of activities. Having said that, if you do your research and are lucky enough, you could find a few good ones which maybe you can use on your second tier.

A5- Hmm, I know Fiverr is a free freelancer site and that's also exactly why I generally don't trust in Fiverr. I mean there's no evidence to guarantee the quality from Fiverr. I don't think all Fiverr freelancer are bad, it's just I'm quite skeptical about their cheap price hiring. I believe price can reflect a part of quality, like have you ever seen a Lamborghini or Ducatti sold for 1000$? Honestly I haven't.
Of course, there are exception, there may be some hidden gem among Fiverr freelancers but are you willing to take the risk?

A6- Think a little if that gigs was working so good then means majority of people will rank theyr sites ,these gigs dont work .I dont say that are all bad but in general you shoud not try fivver for your seo purpose .Google its smart it want to build them naturaly


Mar 7, 2017
I agree with all you said 100%!!!
"Just use your brain" who will put you on the 1st google results page for $5??? No one!
Work hard and you'll get there, eventually ;)


Yup, i got burned a few times on fiveer, lesson learned there. Is there any traffic providers you would recommend?

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