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WooCommerce Appointments 4.10.0 released


Staff member
* Improvement - Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.6.
* Improvement - Possibility to change all arguments for appointment export functionality.
* Improvement - Add-ons trigger admin-ajax on every char typed - only trigger on cost/duration change.
* Improvement - Hide appointment status on thank you page, since it is not relevant there.
* Improvement - Send a note to customer, when they have rescheduled their appointment.
* Improvement - Option to send a note to customer, when appointment is manually updated by admin or staff.
* Improvement - Added $appointment object to filters:
+ woocommerce_appointments_remind_before_time
+ woocommerce_appointments_complete_time
+ woocommerce_appointments_follow_up_time
* Improvement - Datepicker in the availability widget needs to use local WP date format.
* Improvement - Updated Product Add-ons to 3.1.0.
* Improvement - Updated all translations.
* Improvement - Compatibility with WooCommerce Box Office extension.
* Improvement - Added hooks before and after quantity field for better compatibility with external plugins.
* Fix- Free appointments that require confirmation should not ask the client for payment.
* Fix- Current appointments not showing in customer account.
* Fix- Fix SQL query filtering for availabilities.
* Fix- Restricting days option missing Sat and Sun due to CSS bug.
* Fix- Duration not taken into account with NOT available rules.
* Fix- Availability widget not checking all dates in range.
* Fix- Automatically assigned (all staff together) not working ok.
* Fix- Product with staff members (one unavailable) and inventory more than 1 not working fine.
* Fix- Fatal error in 4.9.9 regarding Follow Ups integration.
* Fix- When quantity is more than the max - it shows wrong 'slots left' message.
* Fix- Linted PHP files to prepare everything for PHP 8.
* Fix- Slots visible from previously selected staff (if other staff has no availability).

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