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Beaver Lodge Modules 1.3.2

Download Beaver Lodge Modules 1.3.2 from nulled fire. Extensive modules for using with Beaver Builder
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The Beaverlodge plugin has been called "Beaver Builder on Steroids" and that has a nice ring to it.

We have scoured the net, drawn from our experiences, and produced some amazing modules and features that can take your Beaver Builder sites to the next level!

404 Page Editor
A 404 page is when someone lands on a page that doesnt exist on the site, by enabling this module, it gives you the ability to create a template called 404 in the Page Builder so you can stlye and design that page however you like.


Animated Text Module
The animated text module allows you to add text to the site that looks like it is being typed on the screen for the viewer. A great way to draw attention to an element on a page.


Bar Chart Module
The bar chart module is a easy way to display some basic data within your site. With a real intuitive design, adding data has never been easier with this great module.


BB Form Resizer
Page Builder forms can look small on large screens or cover your content on smaller screens. With this module it gives you the ability to style the Page Builder forms to create a better work experience when designing your site.


Caldera Forms Module
Caldera Forms is one of the most advanced free contact form plugins available for WordPress. With this module you can add and style your form simply and easily.


Contact Form 7 Module
ContactForm7 is one of the most popular free contact form plugins available for WordPress. With this module you can add and style your form simply and easily.


Countdown Module
The countdown module allows you to adds a stylish countdown clock to your site that will count down to a specific date and time.


Document Viewer Module
Document viewer harnesses the power of Google to embed your own documents on your site, making it easy for your visitors to read without needing to download or use any third party software. Supports Excel, Word, PDF, Text, and PowerPoint.

Dual Callout Module
With the dual callout you get the ability to add two buttons with hero text, header, icon or image, then style how you like.


ECommerce Menu Module
The eCommerce menu module is a great option for e-commerce sites, and for other sites looking to display items and products. It uses some nice animations to create a very attractive item display.


Facebook Module
Designed to work with Facebook Business Pages, this module allow you can create awesome galleries from your Facebook pages photo albums.


GMap Module
gMap is the ultimate module to create and manage Google Maps. Based on an advanced managment system, the gMap module allows you to finely manipulate yours markers and style the colour scheme for any site.


Heading Module
Add and style simple heading to your site the features the ability to add borders on either side, above and blow your heading.

Hero Header Module
The hero header allows you to place your page or post title full width across the page with your featured image as the background. It also has a breadcrumbs menu and links to the meta fields.


Hover Card Module
Add a grid of panels that have a revealing hover effect that works with posts, WooCommerce, custom content and the included Team Member custom post type.

Hover Effects Module
Add a grid of panels that have a range of amazing hover effect that work with either posts or custom content, and features over 20 different effects.


Instagram Module
With this module, you can create an awesome gallery from your Instagram feed.


Login Module
Design your own login page using any combination of modules and layouts. The perfect way to ensure your branding is consistent across your entire site.


Masonry Module
Using the included Gallery post type create a beautiful, responsive, gallery layout with a masonry, grid or horizontal scrolling layout. Featues the ability to link to pages as well as the included lightbox feature.


News Ticker Module
The News Ticker module scrolls the list of posts infinitely. It is highly customizable, flexible with lot of features and works in all browsers.


Next Page Module
The Next Page module adds in a backend page that will allow you to create links to pages using next and previous buttons. It also allows you to skip pages that you do not want people to navigate to. Then you can add to the front end with our module and style the buttons however you like.


OnClick Modal Module
A modal window is a pop up box that hovers over the page until the viewer dismisses it. A great way to put the latest product, contact form, newsletter signups or a range of content.


Pinterest Layout Module
Add a masonry post layout as seen on Pinterest that features a filter menu to allow frontend sorting by categories. Works with the posts, WooCommerce and the included Team Member and Portfolio post types.


Popup Module
Another modal module, this one has the popup appear automatically. Choose to have it appear on page load, after a predetermined time, or after a chosen scroll amount.


Portfolio Module
Add your portfolio of work to our included Portfolio post type, and then use this module to display the images with links to the post. Also allows your visitors to filter by the category menu.

Social Share Module
Add social sharing icons to your site that allow you to manipulate the image and content that displays for social media platforms. Supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest


Table Module
Creating a responsive table design is notoriously difficult, especially without knowing code. This amazing module will allow you to create a semantic table that has two responsive modes, stacking or scrolling, and also features a filter option.


Toolbar Call To Action Module
Got a special promotion you want to showcase at the top of your site? Perhaps you want to have a call link at the bottom of your page when people are visting your site from a mobile? Then the toolbar call to action is the perfect solution for a quick snippet and link to showcase your content.


Tooltips Module
Style and create a unique hover effect over text or an image. Tooltips is a great way for you to reveal more information to your viewers and engage them with a unique interacion experience.


Turbotabs Module
TurboTabs is responsive tabs module with plenty of options. Tab transforms into an accordion on smaller devices, and contains loads of styling options. Add background iamges, icons and loads more to the content however you like.


Vertical Timeline Module
This is a simple timeline with alternating colors for the labels. An icon font is used for the icons in the timeline waypoints and it is fully responsive for smaller screens. The perfect way to display either blog posts or a schedule of events.


WooCommerce Featured Module
A simple way to display and style your featured WooCommerce products.


WooCommerce Recent Module
A simple way to display and style your featured WooCommerce products.


WooCommerce Sale Module
A simple way to display and style your on sale WooCommerce products.
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Beaver Lodge Modules

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