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Beaver Lodge Modules 1.3.2

Extensive modules for using with Beaver Builder

Last Update:Apr 8, 2017      
5/5, 2 ratings

  1. 1.3.2

    • Fixed bug with Next Page module and PHP7
    • Updated Instagram ReadMe instructions to fix errors
    • Fixed conflict with function in PopUp Module
  2. 1.3.1

    • Updated Software Update class to 1.6.9
    • Updated Metabox to 4.10.1
  3. 1.2.9

    Version 1.2.9

    • Updated gMap to now support OnClick info boxes
    • Removed old Snazzy Map code settings page
  4. 1.2.8

    Version 1.2.8

    • Updated gMap to now support API key
    • Removed Snazzy Map code from gMap (now use the official Snazzy Map plugin from the repository)
    • If you have sites running gMap and update, you will need to re-edit the module