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CSS Hero PRO 4.20

Download CSS Hero PRO 4.20 from nulled fire. CSS Hero PRO allowing deep theme personalization in minutes, live preview and full editing history.
Download CSS Hero PRO 4.20 - CSS Hero PRO allowing deep theme personalization in minutes, live preview and full editing history.

CSS Hero is the definitive WordPress plugin to easily customize the look of your Themes and Plugins with an easy and intuitive point and click interface.

CSS Hero allows full control on every element of a number of natively Hero-Ready WordPress Themes and it works on many other WP Themes with Rocket Mode.

Font Styles
Add a touch of class with your own fonts, a huge collection of Google Fonts is at your fingertips.

Color Management
Use a color picker to experiment live color and background changes like never before.

Adjust Measures
Edit element sizes, margins, paddings: just drag a slider and view what happens.

Undo\Redo & History
Keep track of your edits for further testings, save as presets or preview history steps for a\b tests.

Special Effects
Spice up your site elements with Hover Fx, Shadows, Transitions, and more cool stuff.

No Lock-in
Hero will output crystal clear (and minified) CSS ready for you to export to any other platform.

Ready-made Styles
Pre-made editable style combinations ready to boost your creativity with one click!

Theme Skins
Pre-made layouts that will swap out the color scheme and fonts on the entire website in a blink of an eye.
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Latest updates

  1. 4.20

    Fix: Plugin wasn't working without license key
  2. 4.20

    Two fixes regarding variables. The first one was a short circuit in the is_color function going...

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Thanks for this! The integration with ThemeX is great
Love this plugin. If you know css you apply style it no time, just because it writes the code for you...