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Dynamic Content for Elementor

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Download Dynamic Content for Elementor v1.9.4.4 from nulled fire. Dynamic Content for Elementor will improve your website’s potential through additional widgets.
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Dynamic Content for Elementor will improve your website’s potential through additional widgets, expanding Elementor’s functionality. New creative widgets, every and each of them with the purpose of building pages with amazing contents.

Add new template in My Templates
First thing you need is creating your template from
Elementor. Here you’ll have to build your content from your page considering the role the elements own, for example: the title or the highlighted image, the category it belongs or the customized fields you’ve decided to put in your page.

Global Settings
You can associate your template globally to the whole type, no obstacles, no filters that complicate the procedure, just a project-oriented system
that will allow you to easily define that your single pages will have a layout. Moreover, you’ll be able to make the same for the elements that will be displayed in the archives, which we’ve called “Archive Blocks”.
The “Blank template” check will allow you to define that the template of the pages is automatically in “Full width” so that you’ll avoid having other elements around the image.

Post Setting
If you’d want to have a page with a different layout you could define it directly from the article. This is great because often not all the pages have to be structurally the same.
Exactly like you select a different template from “Attributes”, you can control Elementor’s default layout.

Term Setting

If a chain of articles has a specific Taxonomy associated, you can decide them to have a whole new graphic.
All of this while you’re building your elements, without jumping from one thing to another.
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Agree with other review here. This plugin have major performance issue, slow down elementor editor and entire site.
There is a problem with the “dynamic content for Elementor” it creates js scripting conflict and PWA is affected. I did install this plugin and run performance check via Lighthouse but my website was badly affected. Once uninstalled all went back to normal – shame this plugin comes with some nice features.

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