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Dynamic Content for Elementor

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Download Dynamic Content for Elementor v1.9.4.2 from nulled fire. Dynamic Content for Elementor will improve your website’s potential through additional widgets.
- Fix: Post Listing Background Image
- Fix: Visibility works with less code
- Fix: Google Maps default Markers
- Tweak: Advanced Transforms

26/05/2020 1.9.4
- New: Frontend Navigator
- New: Tracker Header Global Setting
- New: Extension Mask for Elementor Image, Elementor ImageBox, Elementor Video
- New: Extension Unwrap
- New: Enchanted Editor add Edit Template on Context Menu
- New: ACF Repeater render as Accordion, Table DataTable and List with Icons
- New: Changelog from License Tab
- Add: Save Action stop next Action on Error
- Add: Dynamic Email Action send Email in HTML + Plain text version
- Add: Visibility Trigger Max per User
- Add: Views can ignore Sticky posts
- Add: Views active Filters
- Update: Isotope js library
- Speed: prevent double Elementor page render when Template System is enabled
- Tweak: Forced Dynamic Tags on all supported Controls
- Fix: Views Exposed Sort
- Fix: PDF unwrap for long text block
- Fix: Dynamic Posts Ajax CSS
- Fix: Content Widget works with the_content filtes
- Fix: Dynamic Backgound on Loop of Terms or User
- Fix: Dynamic Background Video on Section
- Fix: Dynamic User filter
- Fix: Minor fixes

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