Sell Media WordPress Plugin 2.4.6

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Download Sell Media WordPress Plugin 2.4.6 from nulled fire. Graph Paper Press Sell Media WordPress Plugin

Download Sell Media WordPress Plugin 2.4.6 from nulled fire

Graph Paper Press Sell Media WordPress Plugin
Sell photos
If you can upload it into WordPress, you can sell it. Sell photos, videos, pdf's, etc.
Sell prints
Sell prints online and ship to your customers. Control every print like a true artist.
Sell stock
Assign licenses (commercial, personal, etc.) to your images to increase the price.
Create galleries
Create image galleries for clients, events or related topics. Password protect when needed.
Import from Lightroom & Aperture
Import your photos from Lightroom or Aperture and streamline your workflow.
Backup files to the cloud
Backup files to the Amazon cloud - your own private, affordable cloud backup system.
Password protection
Password protect individual products, client galleries or entire product collections.
Bulk upload
Add products in bulk buy using the drag and drop uploader. Edit in bulk at any time.
Create price groups
Create and assign different prices to a specific file or an entire collection of files.
View sales reports
View daily, monthly and yearly reports as well as the total amount of sales to date.
Accept online payments
Accept payments via Paypal or accept credit cards directly on your site.
Offer discount codes
Create an infinite number of discount codes. Share them with customers to drive sales.
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Sell Media WordPress Plugin

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