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Toolset Layouts 1.9.3

Drag and drop editor for entire WordPress sites.

Last Update:Mar 20, 2017      
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  1. 1.9.3

    Compatibility: Content Layouts translations get content from original post Content Layout only when edited with WPML Translation Editor
    User-interface: Added Global Javascript help link
    User-interface: Removed broken CSS Styling help link
    Bug-fix: Fixed cosmetic problem for Content Layout title overflow
  2. 1.9.2

    Feature: Implemented changes necessary for supporting Migration plugin
    User-interface: Fixed styling problem for template layouts selector in case when user is not allowed to change template layout
    Bug-fix: Select2 library replaced with Chosen for selectors with multiple select
    Bug-fix: Fixed issues with passing Additional css classes from main dialog to CRED or Views iframe and back (Layouts editor)
    Bug-fix: Fixed JavaScript error caused by compatibility between WooCommerce and new template...
  3. 1.9.1

    • Bug-fix: Fixed issue with special characters display in Row, Tab and Accordion names.
    • Bug-fix: Fixed issue with single page template assignment, when assigned together with entire post types.
    • Bug-fix: Fixed issue with events registration in front end editor dialogs when opened from wrench tool.
    • Bug-fix: Fixed issue with filter callback registration for Tabs tab class name override.
  4. 1.9

    Toolset Layouts 1.9
    Released: February 22, 2017
    • Added content layouts to design specific pages in a page builder mode.
    • Added frontend editing mode for layouts.
    • Added post content cell in template layouts that renders content of the page.
    • Added feature in Toolset settings to choose different options for loading Bootstrap library.
    • Improved row modes to ensure that they are rendered properly within the container.
    • Improved integrations with...
  5. 1.8.10

    Unknown changelog
  6. 1.8.9

    • Feature: Accordion cell title are clickable to expand/collapse the collapsible item.
    • Bug-fix: Tabs and accordions CSS ids sanitised against special characters that were breaking the Javascript execution.
    • Bug-fix: Fixed problem when inserting CRED Form and CRED Form User cell with Firefox.
    • Bug-fix: Fixed issue with CRED Form preview when Layouts was active and assigned to home page.
    • Security: prevent empty values to be added to Layouts create ajax request to avoid XSS...
  7. 1.8.8

    • Bug-fix: Reviewed and fixed all select2 edge cases related to additional classes save, rendering in form and rendering in front end
    • Bug-fix: Fixed warning in Javascript/CSS manager class
  8. 1.8.6