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WooCommerce Aramex 1.0.10

Download WooCommerce Aramex 1.0.10 from nulled fire. Offer shipping rates for your customers' orders via the Aramex shipping company.
Calculate shipping rates for your customers’ orders, using Aramex
Eliminate back-and-forth with your customer, discussing possible shipping rates. With WooCommerce Aramex, you can calculate shipping rates for your customers’ ordersright on the checkout screen! Using rates provided by Aramex, a leading global provider of logistics and transporation solutions, WooCommerce Aramex helps to save you time when shipping your orders, by calculating the shipping rates up front.

Key Features
  • Multiple parcel types, offered by Aramex (Priority Document, Priority Parcel, Priority Letter, Deferred Document, Deferred Parcel, Ground Document, Ground Parcel).
  • Rates calculated using the pickup location provided
  • Specify pick up open and closing times, to avoid timing issues
  • Advanced custom box packing solution, for creating custom box sizes
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WooCommerce Aramex

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