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WooCommerce Minimum Advertised Price 1.8.0

Download WooCommerce Minimum Advertised Price 1.8.0 from nulled fire. Show a minimum advertised price until the customer takes action
  1. Use for Unlimited Sites (GPL)
If you work with manufacturers that put restrictions on how pricing can be displayed on your WooCommerce store, this extension can help you alter your pricing display. Easily set a minimum advertised price (also known as resale price maintenance) for products that is not displayed until the customer takes action – either by clicking “Show Price” or by adding the product to their cart.

The minimum advertised price is displayed with strikethrough text and an optional call to action is displayed prompting the customer to “See Price in Cart”. Clicking this will display a small popup which lists the advertised price, along with the regular price (or sale price if set) for the product.

Key Features
  • Set a minimum advertised price (MAP) for products
  • Choose when to show the actual price, either when the custom clicks “See Price”, or when they’ve added the product to their cart
  • Customize the call to action next to the minimum advertised price
  • Optionally show savings off the minimum advertised price when the product is added to the cart
  • Determine whether search engines should see no price, the minimum advertised price, or your shop’s regular price. NEW
  • Full support for simple and variable products, with regular and sale pricing.
Quickly add minimum advertised prices to your products from the “Edit Product” page or using the built-in product bulk edit tool. After you’ve set your prices, customize when the actual price is displayed, along with the call to action message shown. Optionally enable savings to be displayed so your customers can how your pricing compares to the advertised price.
WooCommerce Minimum Advertised Price

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