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Woocommerce Opayo (SagePay) 4.8.2

Download Woocommerce Opayo (SagePay) 4.8.2 from nulled fire. Take payments on your WooCommerce store via SagePay. UK only.
Download Woocommerce Opayo (SagePay) 4.8.2 - Take payments on your WooCommerce store via SagePay. UK only.

Take payments via SagePay Form AND SagePay Direct

When using SagePay Form, the customer is taken to SagePay to make a secure payment. Because SagePay handles the payment process for you, no SSL certificate is required on your site. After the customer completes payment, the order is confirmed and the user is taken to the Thank You page on your site.

When using SagePay Direct the customer stays on your site for the entire transaction, so an SSL certificate is required.

SagePay Form
  • Customer is redirected to SagePay to complete payment – simplifies PCI Compliance
  • SSL Certificate not required
SagePay Direct
  • Customer stays on your site for entire transaction
  • SSL Certificate required
  • Supports WooCommerce Pre-Orders extension
  • Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions extension
  • Supports refunds in WooCommerce admin
Woocommerce Opayo (SagePay)

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