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WooCommerce PDF Watermark 1.6.1

Download WooCommerce PDF Watermark 1.6.1 from nulled fire. Secure your eBooks and PDF documents with text or image watermarks on your PDF downloads, or enable password and/or copy protection.
  1. Use for Unlimited Sites (GPL)
The WooCommerce PDF Watermark extension is the ultimate PDF protection extension you will ever need to protect and secure your eBooks and other PDF downloads via WooCommerce.

WooCommerce PDF Watermark has an array of features that will ensure your PDF files are protected by giving you the ability to place image or text watermarks on your PDF file downloads.

In addition to text and image watermarks there are also other key PDF protection features included with the extension, such as the ability to password protect your PDF file downloads, prohibiting copying, prohibiting modification and prohibiting printing of any of your eBooks or PDF files.

WooCommerce PDF Watermarks allows you to define text or image watermarks on either a global, product or variation level, meaning you have the most control over what watermarks you want to place on what products. The text watermarks can be personalised based on the customer who purchased the product by means of a template tag system, these tags are also extendible so if we don’t have a specific tag you would like you can easily add it yourself.

WooCommerce PDF Watermark was also developed with extendibility in mind allowing you to extend functionality easily via the array of hooks included in the extension.
WooCommerce PDF Watermark

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