WP Job Manager Field Editor 1.9.2

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Download WP Job Manager Field Editor 1.9.2 from nulled fire. Create, or Modify all WP Job Manager Fields, with numerous other advanced features.

Download WP Job Manager Field Editor 1.9.2 from nulled fire

Create, or Modify all WP Job Manager Fields, with numerous other advanced features.
WP Job Manager Field Editor is the only plugin that will allow you to completely customize all form fields for WP Job Manager. Not only will you be able to customize all of the default fields for submitting job posts, but you will also be able to create your own custom fields as well. Want to change the wording for the label of a default field? Maybe you want to change the placeholder (text inside input field), or disable it completely, well WP Job Manager Field Editor does all of that and more! You can also now completely customize the way custom fields are output, use the Automatic Output feature or integrated Widget with numerous output types (oEmbed, Video, Link, etc).

  • Create unlimited custom Job, Company, and Resume Fields*, using any of the available field types:
    Range Slider, Number Spinner, Text Box, Text Area, WP Editor, Dropdown, Phone, File Upload, Password Text Box, Date Picker, Checkbox, Radio Buttons, Multiselect, HTML, Section Header, Action Hook, etc..
  • Completely customize default Job, Company, and Resume Fields ( edit, disable, view, etc )
  • Numerous settings including admin only, maxlength, placeholder, required, ajax file upload, multiple file upload and more!
  • Taxonomy Field Types ( Checklist, Multi-Select Dropdown [jQuery Chosen], Dropdown ) – Requires WP Job Manager >= 1.14.0
  • Save date field types using your pre-defined or custom formats (epoch, MySQL DATETIME, etc)
  • Backup, and Restore Fields
  • Automagically set the Featured Image of listing by using featured_image meta key
  • Label and Description for fields support HTML (so you can do things like add required checkbox field that says “Yes, I agree to the Terms and Conditions” in the description, and more!)
Field Features
  • Field Validation using HTML5 pattern attribute (ie require field to be just numbers, or specific format, etc. Uses regex so is completely customizable)
  • Automatic Populate any field from user meta (or any other source using filter) on submit Job/Resume page, with default value support. Works in admin section and frontend.
  • Sort Options (Dropdown, Radio, etc) via Drag and Drop interface
  • Limit number of files allowed to be uploaded in file upload field (on a per field basis)
  • Output field label instead of value option (for field types with options, Dropdown, Radio, etc)
  • Output As LINK support for taxonomies (links to archive page)
  • Output As LINK only show filename as caption (if custom is not defined)
  • Output As LINK set link with mailto (if value to output is email address)
  • Show/Hide fields based on selected package (requires WooCommerce Paid Listings, see below)
Additional Included Features
  • Google reCAPTCHA on bottom of Job or Resume submit listing page (if enabled)
    (Available reCAPTCHA settings include theme, size, type, and language)
    Language can be forced to specific language, or automatically from WordPress get_locale()
  • Customize Submit Button label/caption on submit listing page
  • Customize “(optional)” label on fields or use custom label for required fields
  • All custom fields searchable through keywords like core fields
  • Completely Ajax (no page reloads)
Output Features
  • Integrated Widget to display custom fields as standard text, image, link, HTML5 Video, or oEmbed ( YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc )
  • Automatic output configuration for each custom field on Job/Resume listing ( Top of Listing, Bottom of Listing, Meta Start, Meta End, and more … )
  • Automatic Output as standard value, link, image, HTML5 Video, or oEmbed (YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc) with numerous location options (including priority support)
  • Output fields with Shortcode or PHP Function
Custom Theme Compatibility
  • Auto output support for Jobify theme (~5+ locations)
  • Auto output support for Listify theme (~16+ locations)
  • Auto output support for Jobera theme (~5+ locations)
  • Support for Listable theme
  • Numerous compatibility handling for both Jobify and Listify theme by Astoundify
Custom Plugin Compatibility
  • WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin)
  • Polylang
Polylang and WPML supports dynamic field values through String Translation (automatically added and registered by plugin)

  • FacetWP (all fields shown in FacetWP data source, auto indexing, etc)
  • WooCommerce Paid Listings support for Job and Resume Listings ( configure fields to show only on specific packages )
  • WP Job Manager Job Tags support and handling
  • WP Job Manager Products
  • WP Job Manager Resume Manager (requires version 1.11.0+ for compatibility with WP Job Manager 1.22.0+)
  • WP Job Manager Visibility
Please note, Resume Manager addon plugin IS required for Resume Functionality!

Any theme or plugin listed under custom theme/plugin compatibility lists have specific code added to this plugin for support and handling. There are numerous other plugins and themes this plugin is compatible with. The lists above are only for themes/plugins that custom support has been added for.

Misc Features
  • Fully documented code ( PHP Doc )
  • Coded following WordPress PHP Standards ( CSS/JS only loads on plugin pages, code style, etc )
  • Translations included ( French, German, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese, Arabic, and Spanish )
  • Other translations available upon request
Planned Features
  • Support for education, experience, and links sub-fields

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WP Job Manager Field Editor

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