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Wp Rocket 3.2.6

Speed up your WordPress website with WP Rocket caching plugin.

Updated at NF:Feb 21, 2019      
4.83333/5, 12 ratings

  1. 3.2.6

    -Enhancement: Increase request timeout for homepage and sitemaps preload to 10 seconds to reduce cURL 28 errors on some websites
    -Enhancement: Don't verify SSL on local preload requests to prevent cURL 60 errors on some websites
    -Bugfix: Prevent a matching issue when URL contains pattern matching with a file type during homepage preload
    -Bugfix: Correctly delete previous preload errors when launching a new preload
  2. 3.2.5

    Enhancement: Serve cache page when the _ga query string parameter is set
    Enhancement: Add the rocket_disable_htaccess filter to disable edition of the htaccess file
    Enhancement: Auto-exclude additional inline JS patterns from the combine JS files option
    Enhancement: Add action hooks before and after WP Rocket resets OPCache
    Bugfix: Correctly exclude custom login page set in WPS Hide Login from cache
    Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice in some cases when using the disable WordPress embeds option...
  3. 3.2.4

    • Enhancement: Add versioning on the local Google Analytics file to ensure it’s refreshed in the browser cache
    • Enhancement: Automatically clear cache on theme update
    • Enhancement: Add link to WP Rocket settings page after a rollback
    • Enhancement: Improve compatibility with WPML when using the different directories per language option
    • Enhancement: Improve compatibility with Polylang when using the page name in the homepage URL
    • Enhancement: Provide more specific feedbacks...

    -Compatibility fix: Following SG Optimizer 5.0 update, adapt our compatibility code to also work with the new version
    -Compatibility fix: Following WordPress 5.0.1 security update, re-enable WP Rocket import settings feature
  5. 3.2.3

    Enhancement: Auto-detect Rank Math SEO plugin sitemap for preload
    Enhancement: Display warning message if the Sucuri API Key inputted is not correct
    Enhancement: Apply lazyload on Genesis images
    Enhancement: Display a warning if WP Rocket Footer JS plugin is active, as it is preventing some WP Rocket options from being able to be used
    Enhancement: Add more patterns to the auto-exclude inline JavaScript list when using combine JavaScript
    Enhancement: Don’t try to generate the Critical Path...
  6. 3.2.2

    Enhancement: Add additional inline JS patterns to the combine JS exclusion
    Enhancement: Ignore cn-reloaded query string to serve the cache file even if it's set
    Enhancement: Increase browser caching of images to 4 months to match new Google PageSpeed expectations
    Enhancement: Insert critical CSS after the title tag instead of at the start of the head tag
    Enhancement: Improve preload homepage URLs discovery
    Enhancement: Support relative URLs in default preload
    Enhancement: Remove pages...

    - Regression fix: Revert serve the gzip version of the cache file even without the Apache rewrite rules as its causing display issues on some configurations
    - Regression fix: Remove mandatory cookies for Cookie Notice and GDPR plugins
    - Bugfix: Correct an issue stopping preload too early when triggering it from the admin menu

    Improve compatibility with loading time testing tools when using a plugin requiring cookies, like the various GDPR plugins
  9. 3.2

    New feature: Control WordPress Heartbeat API directly from WP Rocket. You can reduce its activity or disable it, independently on the admin, post editor page and frontend
    New feature: Facebook tracking local cache. Create a local copy of Facebook tracking scripts, to improve browser caching. This will improve your score on GTMetrix
    Enhancement: Revamped the preload feature. It no longer uses an external bot, but a background process instead. This will make the process faster and more...
  10. 3.1.4

    -Enhancement: automatically move some inline JS depending on jQuery after the combined file to prevent JS errors
    -Enhancement: any external or inline JS between noptimize HTML comments will be ignored during JS combine
    -Enhancement: optimize Youtube play image used for the Replace YouTube iframe with preview image option
    -Bugfix: caching now works with a URL using a port number
    -Bugfix: prevent the Google recaptcha iframe fallback from being incorrectly displayed when using the Lazyload...