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Download Wp Rocket v3.5.5.1 from nulled fire. Wp Rocket - Speed up your WordPress website with WP Rocket caching plugin.
Enhancement: Prevent cache clearing when creating/updating/deleting a term belonging to a non-public taxonomy
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP deprecated error after update to WooCommerce 4.0, related to tag_row_actions hook
Bugfix: Correctly preload URLs after cache expiration when using WPML
Bugfix: Correctly rewrite URLs to the CDN URL when the home/site URL options uses a different scheme
Bugfix: Prevent WP Smush’s lazyload from brekaing WP Rocket’s <iframe> lazyload
Bugfix: Prevent “max execution time” error on some occasions when clearing the cache in 3.5.4
Bugfix: Correctly clean the cache when updating CDN options via the REST API
Bugfix: Correctly clean the cache on IIS servers
Bugfix: Correctly preserve language directories running rocket_clean_domain() on IIS
Bugfix: Apply the CDN for images on AMP pages
3rd party compatibility: Prevent the Optimize Google Fonts option from breaking JetMenu data-menu-options
3rd party compatibility: Clean Cloudways Varnish cache when the Varnish add-on is enabled
3rd party compatibility: BNFW plugin – Prevent duplicate emails sent when preload is enabled
Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from combine JavaScript
Bugfix: Correctly rewrite assets URLs inside CSS files when updating the CDN or cnames options values
Bugfix: Prevent false positives when displaying our cron status notice
Bugfix: Prevent some folders from being deleted when clearing the cache on an installation where the domain name is part of the absolute path to the website

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  • NulledFire.com is one of the most comprehensive repositories under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License v3.0 Free as in Freedom) that provides premium Plugins, Themes and PHP Scripts for testing purposes.
    We promote WP codes to the users globally so that you can check it before buying from the original developer/designer.

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