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Enhancement: Add support for the new display parameter for Google Fonts. Default value is swap, which can be modified via filter
Enhancement: Clear Varnish cache correctly when also using the Cloudflare Rocket Add-on
Enhancement: Auto exclude WooCommerce product attributes taxonomies from critical CSS generation
Enhancement: Don’t display htaccess rules notice if WP Rocket rules are already present in the file
Bugfix: Prevent a 400 error on combined Google Fonts URL in various situations
Bugfix: Prevent the critical path CSS generator from running multiple times for the same content types
Bugfix: Prevent PHP Fatal Error when using qTranslate-X compatibility option
Bugfix: Prevent PHP Fatal Error if cURL functions are disabled while using the Cloudflare Rocket Add-on
Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice when saving a term with Polylang active
Enhancement: Auto-exclude jQuery from Jetpack CDN and googleapis.com from defer JS when safe mode is active
Enhancement: Auto-activate SSL cache for new installations
Enhancement: Improve lazyload support for picture element
Enhancement: Also apply lazyload for background images on section, span and li elements
Enhancement: Lazyload placeholder dimensions are now zero pixels to improve compatibility
Bugfix: Publishing a new post will correctly trigger a partial preload
Bugfix: Correctly clear all cron events on uninstall
Bugfix: Don’t try to preload if there is no URLs to preload
Bugfix: Improve infinite scroll support with lazyload
3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility between Elementor and WP Rocket CDN & lazyload options
3rd party compatibility: Disable lazyload for fixed background images when using Enfold theme
3rd party compatibility: Disable WP Rocket lazyload if Autoptimize or Avada lazyload is enabled
Revert: Don’t auto exclude Divi main CSS file from Optimize CSS Delivery
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error on PHP < 5.5 when using the remove query strings option
Enhancement: update Apache expire rules for fonts to new content-type and 4 months expiration
Enhancement: Prevent embedded URLs from being cached/optimized to prevent any display issue inside the embed
Enhancement: Possibility to customize the lazyload script options
Enhancement: Serve the cached version of the page when using mandatory cookies and when the current user agent is Chrome Lighthouse
Bugfix: Prevent images not being displayed when using WooCommerce Variation Swatches and lazyload
Bugfix: Prevent JS error when using lazyload on IE 11
Bugfix: Prevent display issue when using the Replace YouTube iframe with preview image option on a theme without support for responsive embeds
Bugfix: Prevent image not being displayed when using lazyload when the original image source is a base64 inline
Bugfix: Correctly handle fitVids responsive videos again when using Lazyload for iframes
Bugfix: Auto-exclude data-height-percentage attribute from Lazyload for images to prevent display issues
Bugfix: Prevent issue when the original src attribute uses single quotes when using Lazyload for images
Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning during theme update in certain cases
Bugfix: Don’t display warning notice about advanced-cache.php file on WP Rocket activation on Pressable hosting
Bugfix: Prevent error 500 on WP Engine when copying site from staging to live or live to staging
Bugfix: Prevent incorrect critical CSS inserted when using unicode encoding in CSS properties
Bugfix: Correctly count the number of revisions, auto-drafts and trashed posts deleted when doing a database optimization
Deprecated filter: reintroduce rocket_youtube_resolution filter as deprecated, new filter should be used instead rocket_lazyload_youtube_resolution
Enhancement: Update the integrated documentation and support system to the new version. It’s now easier to search for answers and doc right from the plugin
Enhancement: Whenever possible, use the original image dimensions for the placeholder image dimensions when using lazyload to reduce content reflow and be more compatible with various themes and plugins
Enhancement: Add more patterns from inline JavaScript to combine JavaScript exclusions to prevent cache directory size issues
Enhancement: Prevent WP Rocket from trying to clear the cache multiple times when updating a post
Enhancement: Add a link to the documentation if there was an error during Critical CSS generation
Third Party Compatibility: Auto-exclude Themify Builder Custom Post Types from Critical CSS generation
Third Party Compatibility Prevent defer JavaScript from being applied to scripts from widget.reviews.co.uk
Third Party Compatibility: Prevent defer JavaScript and combine JavaScript for scripts from SyntaxHighlighter
Third Party Compatibility: Improve compatibility with Flywheel hosting
Third Party Compatibility: Prevent the cache from being cleared too often when using Elementor
Third Party Compatibility: Make sure CSS changes are showing when using the external file option when using Elementor and WP Rocket combine CSS
Third Party Compatibility: Fix an issue fetching the RankMath SEO sitemap URL after a change in the plugin code
Third Party Compatibility: Auto-disable lazyload for background images on Bridge theme
Third Party Compatibility: Disable NGG resource manager to prevent conflict with JS minification/combine
New filters: rocket_css_asset_source_path and rocket_css_target_source_path, to filter the source and target paths when performing CSS minification
Remove NGINX FastCGI Cache Add-on
Third Party Compatibility: Synchronize with NGINX Helper to clear NGINX Cache when WP Rocket cache is cleared
Bugfix: Prevent a display issue on the settings page when the admin language is french
Bugfix: Prevent a display issue on the settings page if jQuery migrate is not loaded
Bugfix: Prevent display issue on Kinsta if the CDN field is filled in WP Rocket settings
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice when using WPMU domain mapping
New feature: Lazyload picture elements
New feature: Lazyload background images added inline in the HTML content with the background-image CSS attribute
New feature: NGINX FastCGI Cache Add-on, to synchronize WP Rocket cache purge with NGINX Cache purge
Enhancement: Update the way lazyload is applied to catch more images and be more compatible
Enhancement: Add preload fallback system for sitemap preload in case there is an error during parsing of the sitemaps
Enhancement: Automatic compatibility with Pressable hosting. WP Rocket is now usable on Pressable
Enhancement: Ignore utm_term parameter during caching when used in the URL
Bugfix: Prevent cache file not being generated if filename is longer than 255 characters
Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning when using the GDPR plugin
-Enhancement: Increase request timeout for homepage and sitemaps preload to 10 seconds to reduce cURL 28 errors on some websites
-Enhancement: Don't verify SSL on local preload requests to prevent cURL 60 errors on some websites
-Bugfix: Prevent a matching issue when URL contains pattern matching with a file type during homepage preload
-Bugfix: Correctly delete previous preload errors when launching a new preload
Enhancement: Serve cache page when the _ga query string parameter is set
Enhancement: Add the rocket_disable_htaccess filter to disable edition of the htaccess file
Enhancement: Auto-exclude additional inline JS patterns from the combine JS files option
Enhancement: Add action hooks before and after WP Rocket resets OPCache
Bugfix: Correctly exclude custom login page set in WPS Hide Login from cache
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice in some cases when using the disable WordPress embeds option
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when trying to use sitemap preload on an environment with the SimpleXML extension disabled
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error caused by other plugins using deprecated WP Rocket functions
Bugfix: Prevent a 500 error on Windows Server using Apache caused by end of line characters
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when using minify/combine CSS or remove query strings on a server without the mbstring PHP extension
  • Enhancement: Add versioning on the local Google Analytics file to ensure it’s refreshed in the browser cache
  • Enhancement: Automatically clear cache on theme update
  • Enhancement: Add link to WP Rocket settings page after a rollback
  • Enhancement: Improve compatibility with WPML when using the different directories per language option
  • Enhancement: Improve compatibility with Polylang when using the page name in the homepage URL
  • Enhancement: Provide more specific feedbacks when the license can’t be automatically validated on plugin activation
  • Enhancement: Provide more specific feedbacks when issues are encountered during cache preloading
  • Bugfix: Prevent HTML inserted inside iframe tags from breaking the lazyload
  • Bugfix: Correctly optimize CSS/JS assets using relative URLs
  • Bugfix: Correctly rewrite path of images in CSS files in some cases
  • Bugfix: Prevent a potential PHP fatal error when using Polylang pll_get_post_language() in specific contexts
  • Bugfix: Correctly clear cache even when no languages are set in Polylang
  • Bugfix: Don’t clear minify files when clearing cache for a specific language to prevent 404 errors on the other languages
  • Bugfix: Correctly apply assets optimizations when using different domains per language with multilingual plugins
  • Bugfix: Correctly rewrite assets URLs to the CDN URL when using different domains per language with multilingual plugins
  • Bugfix: Prevent WordPress rules from being deleted from the htaccess in some cases when WP Rocket updates the file
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