WPMU DEV - CoursePress Pro 2.1.5

CoursePress Pro allows you to quickly create beautiful courses all within WordPress.

Last Update:Mar 12, 2018      
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  1. CoursePress Pro 2

    • Overall optimisation through whole new codebase.
    • Added 'Focus' course view mode where modules will be viewed individually.
    • Added per course completion certificate option.
    • Added course completion pages (pre-completion, successful completion, failed).
    • Added course notification when the course starts.
    • Added unit notification when a unit opens.
    • Added instructor feedback notification.
    • Added course facilitators.
    • Added course import/exports.
    • Added overview reports download option.
    • Added enhanced units settings
    • Added quiz, form, selectable, and discussion modules.
    • Improved assessments page.
    • Improved discussion management.
    • Improved course/students lists.
    • Removed section break module.
    • Delete certificate when deleting student.
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